Thursday, 11 September 2014

4 AUGUST 2014

Hey family!

Don't have much time today, my companion has a doctors appointment that we have to get to quick. 

Thanks for all writing to me, it sounds like you all had a crazy week!! And hope everything goes well with EFY, and all the family in town!

This week was amazing. It was tiring. But great. We've seen some cool experiences which has been awesome. We've been teaching the Garcia family! They've been progressing a lot! They've been reading and praying and on Sunday they showed up to church. They left after Sacrament meeting because Hermano Garcia had to finish a job. But it was awesome that they came. Keep praying for them! They're awesome and will for sure get baptized this month!

Also Patricia is doing great. Neither her or Kimberly came to church this week though - we think she was sick. They're progressing a lot. Patricia sat us down and told us basically all her crazy life stories the other day, they were hilarious and kind of scary. She's ready to get baptized. She's amazing. 

Also Victor randomly showed up to church yesterday. He's a funny guy. And He has plans to go to the activities for all the old single people!

As well on Saturday, James/Santiago, someone I taught back in Hemet, got baptized on Saturday! So I was able to go back for that which was great! I love baptisms, they're the best! 

But I just want you all to know the church is true. Yesterday as I was sitting in sacrament, the Spirit hit me really hard. It was amazing. It felt like I was being cleansed. But I know Jesus Christ lives, and I know this is His church!

Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

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