Thursday, 11 September 2014


Hey Everyone. So this week was great. It was super super busy though!

So first of all, we had two more multizones. Ah. I'm so glad it's done. Mum, basically all we do for that is go through a bunch of trainings. President did a lot though so that took a load off us. The day after that we had MLC which is the big meeting for all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. So that was way fun. The night before we had to prepare everything for it. The lame thing was Elder Maxfield got super sick so that night I left him at a members house and went to our appointments. After that we went to the mission office to make and print out all the info we needed for the MLC meeting. But Maxfield was so sick he slept on the couch (poor guy). And so I stayed up till like 1:30 making everything. It was tiring! I'm so glad it's done!
After that we had two exchanges. It was crazy. On Friday we went to Zone meetings and then had the exchange. We ended it early though because Elder Maxfield and I drove up to Perris to see Patricia's baptism! It was so cool! I felt very privileged to be able to do it. 

On Saturday morning we went with our bishop to the hospital to attend to a recent convert in the ward who has cancer. Her name is Scarlet and basically we went through all the funeral preparations. It was a weird feeling. I feel really bad for the rest of the family. But we'll be teaching them, and her mum (a non-member) came to church on Sunday. She told us in the hospital room that she has nothing left but us. It's weird but I guess sometimes that's how God works. He takes everything from us so we realized that He's all we have and all we need. I hope that family will be okay. 

On a happier note, Sunday night was amazing. First of all, we had seven of our investigators that came to church, which was an amazing feeling! It was so amazing to see such great work happening, even among all the craziness of everything. Later on Dallas and Sarah both got baptized! I sent pictures, hope you see them! It was so cool!

With Dallas, Elder Maxfield was baptizing her. However she had back problems and so after 5 attempts of different positions, I jumped in to help. It was cool because we literally baptized Dallas together. It was great. Then I got to baptize Sarah. It's such a cool feeling to see all these people changing there lives. Sarah told us she used to dread us coming, and dread going to church. But she realized how relieved she felt after we came, and now loves it. She's so cool. Dallas is amazing as well. She hardly speaks English, but it's cool how the Spirit can still speak. She gave us coupons to Carls Jr as a thank you gift. She's so sweet!

Elder Maxfield goes home soon - within the next two weeks. He lives in Idaho. It's super sad! He goes home, and my trainer Elder Harris, and then the next transfer Elder Moss goes home. That's three companions! With that as well, many of my other missionary friends are leaving too. It's way weird. I think I've finally begun to turn into an older missionary... It's really sad. 

But that was my week! I hope it was better than lasts! Also, Jauquin was baptized! I don't know if you remember him, the 14-year-old gangster in Hemet. I couldn't go back because it was at the same time Sarah and Dallas were baptized. But It's still a Christmas miracle. I'm so happy for him!

It sounds like you all had a great week! I don't have time to reply to all that's going on. But I got the package, thanks so much guys! Also I love you all and I'm sorry there's snow already. It's 104 F here. It's hard. Love you all and keep the faith! I know this church is true, and Jesus Christ lives. Sometimes everything goes wrong in life. And it sucks. But I know if we leave it in the hands of Christ He will take us and mold us into who we need to become. Love you all! You guys are great and have a good week!

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