Thursday, 11 September 2014

28 JULY 2014

Hey family! So first of all. JUST so everyone know who reads my blog. Melissa actually teaches the primary class. Elder Higgins and I help. 

Also. This week was great. It was a huge blur, we had like a billion exchanges. Well pretty much just two. But I basically just spent two days straight out of my area. Which was lame. But we had a lot of cool things happen this week!

So. First of all, we picked up a new family, the Garcia family. They seem really cool! I hope all goes well with them. They were a referral from the sisters so we started teaching them this week. It was cool to see God's hand in those lessons. They were definitely feeling it, and they understood everything. And that was probably the best my Spanish has ever been. It was definitely a lesson guided by God. They accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of August. I pray this is the family that gets sealed. They're super nice. However they said they would come to church, but never did. Sad day. So we're going to go see what's up with that. 

We actually had 12 people lined up to come to church but only 2 did - Patricia and Kimberly. Who are like the most amazing people ever. Still waiting on news, but Patricia is so cool. She's taking us to go get Papusas on Saturday! Can't wait. 

There's a family we've been trying to get in with for a while now, but the mum is never home. The son came to the door and his name is Govanni. They're friends with members in the ward. He's cool and told us he really wants to get baptized. So he's on date for the 10th. Please pray that will happen! We talked to them mum, Carmen, via text. She's having us over on Tuesday morning for breakfast. Which will be awesome!!

It's cool, God's blessed us with a lot of miracles! I hope I get to stay in this area for a while. A cool thing is that also I went to Riverside on exchanges, on Tuesday. It was so cool because I got to go see some of my recent converts. Izzy, Maria and Christina. I already kind of knew what was going on with them which was sad. Izzy was still going strong and went to the temple to do baptisms and goes to church every week. But shortly after I left Christina got pregnant, and Maria moved away and wasnt there. So Christina is super pregnant, and is about to have her baby. (I told her to name it Ethan Michael after me and Elder Moss). But yeah. Her baby is going to be a girl so she said no. But it was sad to kind of see that the two daughters kind of went inactive. But anyways a couple days later I got a call. And it was Maria. She had moved back after going through Hell pretty much and says she's going to get back to church. I was so happy! I love that family.

But yeah. it was a great week. Also we played soccer this morning and I destroyed my arm! So that sucked. But it was really fun!

So dad! Sounds like you had a super cool week! Thanks for basically calling me fat in your email. Really helped my self confidence. I am kind of fat, I've gained like 25 pounds. So when I come home, you'll have no chance. I can just sit on you. That's pretty cool that Elder Waldeck came back! To be honest I don't remember him! But he sounds pretty cool, and he sounds like he has a sweet job! Hope you have a great week though! That must be cool seeing your brother again. Tell Stephen and Laura I love them! Love you too and have a great week!

Mum! Sounds like you had a great week too! victor didn't come to church yesterday. It was really sad! That's so weird there's so many connections! Obviously Peter is destined to marry her. I get to go to the temple this next week too! My old recommend was all messed up, so I got a new one from interviews with the President. President Mullen is super cool! He challenged us to a workout competition this month. He's really funny. I forgot to ask him about extending. So I'll probably just email him about it today. But yeah. Also! I just finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish again yesterday. There is no way that book is not true. I know it is. Anyways, have a great week Love ya mum!

Peter! That's crazy you almost died! That's a cool miracle. It's funny how God does that - I'm sure he does that like all the time without us knowing about it! I'm jealous you went fourwheeling! Sounds like you had a blast! I've been ready the Book of Mormon a lot lately. It's so good. It's so sad too. But I really love that book it's awesome. Also. I'm super proud of Madeline. She sounds like a rock man. I'm so proud of her. She emailed me her story a couple months ago. It's really cool. But yeah. Love you man! How was your trip with courtney by the way? You never told me. Love ya!

Charly. YOU tots didn't write me today. But I hope you had a great week still! Love you lots, have fun in all your adventures. Y te prohibo de tener chicos. Love ya lots!

Jake! When do you head off to EFY? That's cool you had a pretty fun week. Also that pink shirt you were wearing was kind of femmy. But it's okay. You still look like a stud. Love you lots bud! Hope you have a great week, and I hope you're studying like every day. If not... do it. Love ya!

Kenna and Izaac. What's up? Hope you guys are having a rocking week too. Love you lots! What's been you're favourite part about the Summer, and when do you go back to school? Love you guys!
Well. I have to go fam but I love you guys a lot! I hope you know that I know the church is true! I know the Book of Mormon is true and is send from God, I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. And I know that Jesus Christ Is our Saviour, and that if we ever have any problem, sadness, sin, or weakness that if we turn to Him, He will fix it. It's super cool. Love you guys a lot, have a great week!

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