Monday, 5 January 2015


Hey family!! So. First of all, Jessica got baptized this week! So happy for her! It was so cool. Jacob, her husband got to do the actual baptizing, so we were super stoked for them. They're totally going to the temple. I'm so excited for them.

As well! I'm training!!! I'm so excited! The new missionary coming in is either a Texan or from Costa Rica. I'm so excited! It'll be such a cool experience. I'm going to Corona, which is a richer part of the mission. I'm super excited to train. That's like what I've been waiting for my whole mission haha. I'm glad a whole bunch of stress is being taken off hahaha. Oh, and I get to go back Spanish which is so exciting! I want to perfect it these last six months.

The sad part is that I'm leaving this area/ward. This has definitely been my favorite area so far. I've loved it. I've had awesome companions, and met so many cool people!! Last night was so hard to go say goodbye to everyone. Especially Martha and her family. That was super hard. They're such an awesome family. They just all recently went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, and loved it. It is really depressing saying goodbye. I didn't get to finish it all, so I'll be doing some today hahaha.

But yeah. On Saturday, Elder Thurman and I, and some other missionaries went out to lunch with Farrah. That was super cool. Also we had dinner with the Rojo family one last time. That was super sad too. I'm gonna miss them all a ton! I'm going to see Sarah today and said goodbye to Jacob and Jessica last night. Everyone is so awesome! I love this ward and area to death.

We spent the whole week pretty much dealing with transfers. Transfer meetings were cool. Originally I wasnt going to train this transfer, I was going to wait another to train an elder from Mexico. But We had no other option. So. I'm super excited! 

Anyways. I can't respond to everyone individually because I have no time! But I love you all! Hope all is well! Thanks for the emails!

Hope you guys are all staying strong and doing right! Love you all, and I hope you know I know this is all true!

Love you guys!

Elder Blomfield.

Ps. Thanks for letting me buy a new suit! I'll do that this week!

Merry Christmas!

Also, mum and dad, those pictures are awesome!!! Love you guys!


Hey family! Hope you had a great week! 

Mum and Dad! That's so cool you guys are in the dominican! I'm jealous! But I'm glad you're experiencing the same weather I am. Feels nice right? Haha. It's kind of weird around Christmas time how there is no snow! I can't believe it. So everything is done for the wedding? When is the reception again? Hopefully you can send me some pictures. Also. Mum and Dad. I think I'm going to buy a new suit. Hahaha after MLC this week, President came up to me and is like, "Elder Blomfield, I think it's time you bought a new suit" hahaha. I've grown a little taller and broader and chubbier. So in all directions it doesn't fit. I will pay you back. I don't know how much money I have, and obviously I won't buy an expensive suit, just one that will last. But I will pay you back, even if it has to be after I get home. But let me know if that's okay and if i can use the credit card. 

And to the rest of you punks who didn't write, I hope you had a great week too! Especially you Pete! Hope all is well for the wedding! Love you guys!

This week was great! It was kind of busy, but every week is like that haha. I was soooo tired! So we only had two super important meetings to prepare for I believe. We had MLC for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. So we were at the mission office until like 1am preparing for it. But we're glad it's done. We also had the trainer/trainee meeting to prepare for. That one wasn't as bad. We also had 3 exchanges. So we would get home late some nights.

This week will be busy, but shouldn't be as hectic. We have transfer meetings this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. That'll be fun. I get to decide my fate for the next 6 months haha. And then on Wednesday we have an exchange again. This transfer flew by! I'm really gonna miss this area. It's really been great here, we've had tons of success. I'm going to miss the ward a lot, and all those I got to teach. I hope I can keep in contact with everyone after I leave!

So last week we found a lot of new investigators. We found actually a total of nine. That was pretty cool! We found a family called the Solorio family. Two of the kids came to church yesterday - Christian and Karen. I think they felt a little awkward, but we were really happy they came. They're a really cool family. Also we found a new guy called Memo. He's 9, but is the nephew of Martha, our recent convert. Missionaries used to teach his family before. And apparently every Sunday since then he waits by the door for the "Mormons" to come to get him a ride to church, and when they didn't show up, he would cry. He was so happy to see us coming yesterday morning. We're also working with his mum, Claudia. Hopefully all goes well with them, they seem like a super cool family!

Jessica Stewart also came to church this week. She's doing great. She's going to be baptized next week. She has cancer, and is going through surgery on the 15th and will be out of it for a week, but she told us she wants to get baptized the day for it happens. Hopefully she'll be okay. We're hoping that Jacob can baptize her. That's the goal. That's a really cool family! I hope they get sealed in the temple. Every time we go over, or every time we're at church, she makes us cookies. It's great. That's why I've gained so much weight hahaha. 

Josh didn't come to church because he had a big migraine. I hope he's doing okay. He's a great guy.

I've been studying the New Testament a lot lately. A little just in preparation for Christmas to read about His life, but it's awesome to read the miracles and things those apostoles did after the life of Christ. I love it. The scriptures are so powerful. I'm so glad we have them! 

Anyways. I'll let you all go. But have a great week! Love you all to death! I know this church is true. I know our Saviour is real. Keep using Him in your life!
Elder Blomfield


 Hey Family! Hope everything went well this week!

Dad! that's cool you got it all done! How come work has been so stressful lately? I'm jealous you get to go to the Dominican! That's exciting. Hahaha. That'll be a really good break. I hope all goes well, love you dad!

Mum! I'm so sorry you're so busy! At least you get a well deserved break! What's the wedding going to look like? Thanks for baring your testimony and giving me a shout out! You too dad. You guys are the best!
Peter! Hope school goes great, hope you had a good break. Love you!

Charly! Be good! hope you're doing good and staying strong! Love ya!

Jake. Hope you're reading and praying and doing well in sports. Love you dude!

Kenna! Love you! I hope you're excited for Christmas!

Izaac! Love you dude! What are you hoping santa will bring you this year?

So this week was great! It went by super fast, and was really busy, but it was great. So first off, the missionary department people came out with us on Monday night. His name is Brother Gonzalez. Super nice man, and was an old mission president. He took us out to Applebees, after which we headed out for the night. He came back to our apartment and watched us plan, and at the end rebuked us in the most kindest of ways for not doing it right. Hahaha. The next day we went to President's house prepare with brother Gonzalez, Brother Hill (the other old mission president from the department), President and his wife, for the mission leadership meeting. That was a cool experience, listening to everyone talk. Then the next day we had the leadership meeting which lasted from 9-3, then we met with them again afterwards to review what happened. Super Busy!

The next day was thanksgiving. Thank goodness for that! We had the entire day off to relax. It was so nice. We played turkey bowl and some other fun stuff. Then we went to dinner at a member's house in the ward. They kept trying to set us up with people haha. Then at night we had some big zone activities which was great. I had a lot of fun taking a break.

The next day we toured the mission again, and again on saturday. You mentioned He is the Gift. It's a super great video - really spiritual. We trained on that and how to use it. Basically the church has spent millions of dollars, buying the masthead on youtube and billboards in time square, etc. I know you guys already watched it, essentially it's to turn our thoughts to the Saviour. It's really powerful. As well they want everyone to share it with as many people as possible, it'll help bring a lot of people to Christ and it's a great missionary opportunity. So, I know you guys are super busy this Christmas with everything going on, but don't forget what it's about, and share it with as many people! Just like at Christmas time, the happiness doesn't come from getting, but giving. Give it to as many people as possible!

Then Sunday was great. Josh, Jessica and Ana all came to church. Josh is doing awesome. He's on date to be baptized on the 14th of December. We're super excited for him. Jessica as well has changed a ton, and her husband Jacob. They had us over for dinner the other night, which was awesome. She's so cool, every time we go over she bakes us cookies which is awesome. She may be going for surgery soon, but we're praying all will go well, and hopefully she can get baptized before that! 

Ana's really struggling. She's lost her house, and her kids are staying with her sister. She still lives in her old house, but has no electricity, and technically isn't supposed to live there. We're praying for her. Hopefully everything will be okay.

But other than that, things have been great! I love this gospel. It's been awesome. I love being a missionary! I know this is Christ's church. 

Have a good week you guys, love you all!

24 NOVEMBER 2014

Hey family! Hope all is going well this week! 

So mum! Just a heads up. I can get you a picture of my suit jacket on, but it'll take another week to get it to you... sorry! How's everything going with the wedding? How many people are invited? Hahaha. I do need to lose a few pounds. definitely. But I think the problem is that I bought it when I was in highschool.... and it's a size 30 waste. So yeah. Maybe I'll just fast a whole bunch. Hope all is going well for ya! Love ya!

dad! Sounds like you guys had a blast hunting. I'm glad you got to go. I definitely miss doing that. Those were some of my favourite memories haha. I don't know if you remember one time, but I fell into a lake or something, hahah and had to take off my pants to dry! That was freezing! That's cool you guys went though. How are the missionaries in the ward? what's the work like? How's your new calling?

Peter! Yeah you'll have to have me over for dinner. Haha. No, I probably won't die AP. My mission president wants me to train before I go home. So this'll probably be my last one. Which is great because I'm so tired haha. I think It would be awesome to train... did you ever get that opportunity? Good luck with getting everything ready dude! Hope all goes well. Love ya!

Charly. NO BOYS. Cmon man. I'm glad your doing well though! So what happened to brother Matthews? How come he's no longer the seminary teacher? That's awesome you taught young womens. Love you char, keep up the good work!

Jake. What's up punk. Congrats on hitting your first deer dude! I remember that feeling. It's a big adrenaline rush. Sounds like you had a great week though! I'm glad to hear your working and all is going well for you.

Kenna! Hope all is going great! Love you to death! Keep being awesome!

Izaac! Happy birthday buddy! How was it? Mum told me you went rollerskating at Lloyds? I hope that was cool. Congrats on turning 7 buddy! I hope all is going well! Love you man! Keep it real! And I'm sorry I didn't write last week - But I hope you know I didn't forget!

AH. So last week was so nuts. We had multizones all week. Basically we just traveled the mission visiting all the zones and doing trainings. I'm so tired. It was such a great feeling do be done. It was sad, though because that night we had exchanges. No break. Hahaha.

Tonight is kind of scary. We're going to meet some men from the missionary department in Salt Lake. Basically they're coming to evaluate us. So we are taking them out later and will be going to our appointments. And I'm assuming being corrected in many ways hahaha. Then we'll have some other multizones this week upcoming in small forms for a new "He is the Gift" initiative thing that we'll have to train on. Man. I can't wait for thanksgiving! I'll be able to rest for a bit, which will be great. 

We had a little scare this week. We didn't think Hilda was going to make it to be confirmed. She got a seasonal job and they wanted her to work Sunday. Haha. She told us she wasn't going to be able to make it to church... we had a big lesson on the gift of the Holy Ghost. Haha and she showed up on Sunday! She called in sick. It was an awesome little miracle haha. Her and her 3 daughters were all confirmed yesterday. It was great. I love that family. 

Also, Maria Rodriguez and Irma Hernandez, the family that we've been working with and who was baptized/reactivated were just called to the miamaid presidency yesterday which was awesome.

Jessica and Josh both came to church yesterday as well. We're really excited to be working with them. They're awesome. Both are doing amazing and studying and praying. Josh hopefully will be baptized this december 14th, and Jessica too.

I called Johnny this week - one of my recent converts from Moreno Valley. He's 18, and is done highschool. He asked me to come to the temple with him in the new year, because he wants to go on a mission. He said he was going to try to set something up with the bishop to get his papers started. I'm so stoked. That would be so cool!

Anyways. I love my mission. It's been the best time ever. I know that what we teach is true, and it's so cool to see it's power in the lives of everyone we teach because they really change. I love it. It's so awesome. 

I hope everyone has a great week. love you guys.

Elder Blomfield 

17 NOVEMBER 2014

Hey family! That's so weird Peter's getting married! Nice pictures Pete. I finally get to see what my new sister-in-law looks like hahaha. I hope the photo I sent works. If not I'm sorry. I have no pictures of myself alone and basically just went outside to take that one. Let me know if I need to change it.

Mum! So what are you doing for wedding plans? ALSO. It's like more than a month away! You have tons of time to relax! Haha. Hope all is going well with that. Let me know how it all looks when it's done. I'm sure it'll be great. How are you mum? Hope all is well! Hahaha. Love ya.

Also Dad! STL is sister training leaders, and MLC is mission leadership council. Man I thought you served a mission. Hahaha. Goodluck planning a wedding! Love ya!

Jake, congrats on the win! And good luck with your new job!

Char! I haven't heard from you in forever. Hope all is well! Love ya!
Kenna! Goodluck singing! I'm sure you'll do a great job!

And nice job Izaac for pulling your own tooth!!

You guys are great, I love you all!

That's so weird that Becky's home now! I hope she had a great mission! I remember watching her farewell literally right before I left! It's weird because all the sisters in my MTC district that came out with me are getting ready to go home. Super weird. I'm really excited for Braden as well. He'll be such a great missionary. I hope all goes well for him. 

This week was NUTS. Again. I don't think it'll stop being nuts ever haha. So. Monday we had a lesson and I was feeling extremely sick. But we had another lesson after with some teenagers and we played them in basketball. Then I felt a ton better. The next day we had exchanges. Then the day after that we had exchanges. Then we had multizones the next day, and then another one the day after that. And then exchanges on Saturday. It was a super busy week!

It was cool though. On Tuesday, we taught the restoration to a lady named Rose-Mary. I was with Elder Reber on exchanges in my area. It was crazy. She didn't really accept the message, but the Spirit was so strong! I loved it. Everything just made sense in that moment and the Spirit testified, at least to me, how real and how true everything is that we teach.

It was great. Yesterday was just filled with miracles. So first of all, we had some baptisms!! Hilda, Alessandra, and Cassandra Rojo all got baptized yesterday. And David baptized his family. He received the priesthood yesterday, and asked me to do it which was awesome. It was such a great experience to see that. They're such an awesome family.

As well, my recent convert, Sarah Madison, spoke in church. She gave a bomb talk! She spoke about her conversion story. I wanted to cry. It was so cool. She did a fantastic job. 

Then, at church, a guy came up to us, introduced himself as Josh, and told us he wasn't a member. He stayed for all three hours, and at the end of it asked us how to become a member of this church. We were like.... "well hey. That's why we're here". He's 17 years old. It was such a miracle. He's going to youth on Tuesday and we have an appointment set up with him this week. Super tight. Also, Jessica Stewart, the wife of Jacob Stewart, the returning member, came to church. She's doing great too. She made us cookies. I don't know why we've been so blessed here. But it's so awesome. I love it!

So all in all it was a pretty good week!! After our baptism we had to take a mission survey with President Mullen. It was pretty cool because we got to sit around after and ask him questions. He's a very intelligent man. He's a great mission president. 

But yeah. I'm super tired, but I'm glad all is going so well. I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope the work keeps going forward. 

Anyways. I love you all! You guys are the best. Hope you have a great week! And goodluck with the wedding and everything else you've got going on!

Love Elder Blomfield