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13 OCTOBER 2014

Hey family! So. It's been a super busy week this week. Also today is Columbus day here, so the libraries are closed. SO. I can't write much because I'm in the mission office and I have to leave soon.

So last week we went to the temple. It was so cool. I had a question I needed answered. It was so cool how God did that. It was just an immense feeling of peace while I was there. I loved it. I'm so glad I get to go.
As well we had tons of exchanges and meetings to go to this week. We went to some zone meetings to watch and some district meetings too. I think we did 3 or 4 exchanges this week? Something like that.
Andrew Gomez was also baptized. I'm super happy about that. It was so cool. He's such a good guy. He asked me to talk on baptism, and his grandad baptized him. It was awesome. Next week Martha, Adriana, Maria and Michelle should all be getting baptized! We're so excited for them. I've never seen so much success. God has certainly smiled upon this ward and area. We've been blessed immensely. It's so cool!!! I love this work.
Seriously like Martha and her family have a serious special place in my heart. It's so cool. Gabby, Martha's daughter who was recently baptized, was in the primary presentation yesterday. She talked about her baptism. It was so cute. I love that family a lot. They've made so much progress and are so awesome!

Also President did a big crossfit thing today for the north side of the mission. Oh man. I'm so tired. It was really cool to have everyone get together. We played soccer afterwards. It was way fun. In two weeks he's doing it for the south side. Ah. I'm gonna get destroyed hahaha!
But all in all it was a pretty fantastic week! I loved it. Elder Thurman put the Rojo family on date for baptism on the 16th of November. The mum, Hilda, called me while we were on exchanges asking to see if she could take the girls to the church activity tuesday night. SO happy. The only thing is that they didn't come to church last week. Keep them in your prayers! They want to be sealed in the temple, they just need to get to church!
Anyways. I love you all. Like I said. I can't be too long! But I hope all is going well back home!
Good luck with everyone! I love you all, you're all amazing!
Elder Blomfield.
Oh and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! Hahaha. One of the couples here in the the office is Canadian, from Taber, and Elder Bly, one of the office elders is Canadian. So. Yeah. We're taking over hahha.

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