Monday, 5 January 2015


Hey family!! So. First of all, Jessica got baptized this week! So happy for her! It was so cool. Jacob, her husband got to do the actual baptizing, so we were super stoked for them. They're totally going to the temple. I'm so excited for them.

As well! I'm training!!! I'm so excited! The new missionary coming in is either a Texan or from Costa Rica. I'm so excited! It'll be such a cool experience. I'm going to Corona, which is a richer part of the mission. I'm super excited to train. That's like what I've been waiting for my whole mission haha. I'm glad a whole bunch of stress is being taken off hahaha. Oh, and I get to go back Spanish which is so exciting! I want to perfect it these last six months.

The sad part is that I'm leaving this area/ward. This has definitely been my favorite area so far. I've loved it. I've had awesome companions, and met so many cool people!! Last night was so hard to go say goodbye to everyone. Especially Martha and her family. That was super hard. They're such an awesome family. They just all recently went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, and loved it. It is really depressing saying goodbye. I didn't get to finish it all, so I'll be doing some today hahaha.

But yeah. On Saturday, Elder Thurman and I, and some other missionaries went out to lunch with Farrah. That was super cool. Also we had dinner with the Rojo family one last time. That was super sad too. I'm gonna miss them all a ton! I'm going to see Sarah today and said goodbye to Jacob and Jessica last night. Everyone is so awesome! I love this ward and area to death.

We spent the whole week pretty much dealing with transfers. Transfer meetings were cool. Originally I wasnt going to train this transfer, I was going to wait another to train an elder from Mexico. But We had no other option. So. I'm super excited! 

Anyways. I can't respond to everyone individually because I have no time! But I love you all! Hope all is well! Thanks for the emails!

Hope you guys are all staying strong and doing right! Love you all, and I hope you know I know this is all true!

Love you guys!

Elder Blomfield.

Ps. Thanks for letting me buy a new suit! I'll do that this week!

Merry Christmas!

Also, mum and dad, those pictures are awesome!!! Love you guys!

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