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15th SEPTEMBER 2014

Hey Family! Hope all has been well! Glad to hear that everyone's okay. That's so funny there's already snow! Hahahaha. Crazy! It's been wicked hot this week! But it's been fun!

So this week was cool. Very good actually. We saw a billion miracles. Basically we had three exchanges this week. It was exhausting. Basically because I stayed in the area all three times because I'll be the one taking it over. We also had some other meetings and some trainings to do. It was hilarious. We showed a video and then had to step out of the room briefly in one of our trainings.... it was hilarious because it was the wrong video. Hahaha. When we came back in we laughed and apologized and turned it off. Jokingly we asked everyone how that relates to what we were talking about. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY CONNECTED IT. Hahaha. It made no sense. I was dying. 

So. To start off we worked mega hard. Last week the bishop introduced us to a boy who's been coming to church regularly who's nine and somehow slipped through the records. His name is Andrew - he's 9. So we went over and taught him. He's going to get baptized next week. It seems like it was just another miracle from God. It's so fun because he's into football so we go over and play when we teach. I love it. 

As well we had some pretty intense lessons with Farrah this week. She's so cool! She has tons of faith. Long story short, she'll be baptized this Thursday! She became best friends with one of the ladies in the ward, and last night they went to a baptism together. It's so cool! I'm so proud of her. She's made tons of progress. She listens to the LDS station at work. She was "researching" and researched the anti stuff. She said it didn't make her feel good so she knows it's not true. SO cool. Can't wait for that to happen.

Gabby and Adrianna are doing great too! Both had there baptismal interview this week and passed. Adrianna doesn't really feel ready but Gabby got permission from her mum to do it next week! OH. As well. Before Gabby and Adrianna's mum never really liked the missionaries. She didn't really open up or sit in lessons. But she sat in this week and came to church with her two other daughters Maria and Emily. We're so happy. Tonight we're going to have a family home evening with them all at a members home! I'm so happy. 

So basically we've seen tons of miracles. Dallas and Sarah also were confirmed this week. It's so cool to see the ward growing. 

As well. I don't know if you remember George Hernandez? He's like 20 and Elder Harris and I baptized him at the beginning of my mission. Well he moved to Orange County. But called yesterday and said he should be coming down soon to visit me. He lives behind the church over there so he goes every Sunday. I love that guy he's so cool! 

But yeah. That's just a little taste of all the miracles we see every week. It's really cool. But spiritually draining. I'm so tired. BUT so excited for this week. Elder Maxfield will be leaving soon. Like next week. So that's depressing because he's been an amazing companion - definitely one of my favourites. And I'm a little nervous to handle it all by myself - hopefully we don't all crash and burn. But it'll be good!
I love the gospel a ton! It's the best. It definitely changes lives. 

Love you all and have a good week! 

Elder Blomfield

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