Monday, 5 January 2015


 Hey Family! Hope everything went well this week!

Dad! that's cool you got it all done! How come work has been so stressful lately? I'm jealous you get to go to the Dominican! That's exciting. Hahaha. That'll be a really good break. I hope all goes well, love you dad!

Mum! I'm so sorry you're so busy! At least you get a well deserved break! What's the wedding going to look like? Thanks for baring your testimony and giving me a shout out! You too dad. You guys are the best!
Peter! Hope school goes great, hope you had a good break. Love you!

Charly! Be good! hope you're doing good and staying strong! Love ya!

Jake. Hope you're reading and praying and doing well in sports. Love you dude!

Kenna! Love you! I hope you're excited for Christmas!

Izaac! Love you dude! What are you hoping santa will bring you this year?

So this week was great! It went by super fast, and was really busy, but it was great. So first off, the missionary department people came out with us on Monday night. His name is Brother Gonzalez. Super nice man, and was an old mission president. He took us out to Applebees, after which we headed out for the night. He came back to our apartment and watched us plan, and at the end rebuked us in the most kindest of ways for not doing it right. Hahaha. The next day we went to President's house prepare with brother Gonzalez, Brother Hill (the other old mission president from the department), President and his wife, for the mission leadership meeting. That was a cool experience, listening to everyone talk. Then the next day we had the leadership meeting which lasted from 9-3, then we met with them again afterwards to review what happened. Super Busy!

The next day was thanksgiving. Thank goodness for that! We had the entire day off to relax. It was so nice. We played turkey bowl and some other fun stuff. Then we went to dinner at a member's house in the ward. They kept trying to set us up with people haha. Then at night we had some big zone activities which was great. I had a lot of fun taking a break.

The next day we toured the mission again, and again on saturday. You mentioned He is the Gift. It's a super great video - really spiritual. We trained on that and how to use it. Basically the church has spent millions of dollars, buying the masthead on youtube and billboards in time square, etc. I know you guys already watched it, essentially it's to turn our thoughts to the Saviour. It's really powerful. As well they want everyone to share it with as many people as possible, it'll help bring a lot of people to Christ and it's a great missionary opportunity. So, I know you guys are super busy this Christmas with everything going on, but don't forget what it's about, and share it with as many people! Just like at Christmas time, the happiness doesn't come from getting, but giving. Give it to as many people as possible!

Then Sunday was great. Josh, Jessica and Ana all came to church. Josh is doing awesome. He's on date to be baptized on the 14th of December. We're super excited for him. Jessica as well has changed a ton, and her husband Jacob. They had us over for dinner the other night, which was awesome. She's so cool, every time we go over she bakes us cookies which is awesome. She may be going for surgery soon, but we're praying all will go well, and hopefully she can get baptized before that! 

Ana's really struggling. She's lost her house, and her kids are staying with her sister. She still lives in her old house, but has no electricity, and technically isn't supposed to live there. We're praying for her. Hopefully everything will be okay.

But other than that, things have been great! I love this gospel. It's been awesome. I love being a missionary! I know this is Christ's church. 

Have a good week you guys, love you all!

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