Monday, 5 January 2015

20 OCTOBER 2014

Hey family. Hope all is well back home in Canada. Haha you guys are in a different country! So weird. 

So this week was really good! Very busy.... but what else is new haha. SO. first cool thing is that Elder Evans from the Seventy came. He's in charge of the missionary work for the world basically. It was amazing! He did one conference for one part of the mission and then another for another part. It was cool because we got to go to both. It was very very spiritual. I learned a lot. TONS. Afterward he did some interviews. And so he interviewed Elder Thurman and I..... So it was definitely a very intimidating experience being interviewed by a general authority. But it was really great too.

We had some exchanges to do this week as well which was great. It was tiring, but great. Haha one day we went with the zone leaders in MoVal. So basically they got in a car accident so their car is being fixed right now. Usually they borrow a car from members in the zone, but that day they couldn't, so we biked. It was definitely on of the most painful days of my life. We went hard. It was great.

Haha also on thursday I got called to give a talk in sacrament.... so I kind of just wrote that the night/morning of pretty much. That was fun.

Sunday was great. We had a lot of people at church. Well. Some complications. But we did have a lot. We picked up a new family who was a referral from Izzy, the lady Elder Moss and I baptized a year ago. Her name is Alicia. We saw and briefly taught her the night before and her family, and they showed up to church. However, there was an emergency with Izzy's new granddaughter, so they had to leave. 

Also the Rojo family came to church! All of them. And they loved it. They're feeding us tuesday night and we're super excited. They have a baptismal date of the 16th of November.

But Martha and her family came, minus Adriana. Adriana slept over at a friends the night before and was going to come, but her friends had car trouble and couldn't bring her over. For some reason Satan did all he could to stop her from getting baptized because at 5:00, when the baptism started, they had no idea how to contact her, or how to find her. We didn't know what to do, and Martha had no idea how to get ahold of her because the phone she was calling was dead. So we gathered together and Gabby said a prayer. It was so cool because somehow she magically showed up at the house at 5:15 and the brother raced home to get her. The baptism ended late, but the family got baptized together. That's while you'll notice that Adriana is not in white in the baptismal picture.

Michelle didn't get baptized this week. She just has to pass one more interview and she'll be good! We're praying for her!

So it's been a great week. This week should be a little bit more relaxed. We have four exchanges, but it should go well! 

Hope everything is well back home and I love you all!

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