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24 NOVEMBER 2014

Hey family! Hope all is going well this week! 

So mum! Just a heads up. I can get you a picture of my suit jacket on, but it'll take another week to get it to you... sorry! How's everything going with the wedding? How many people are invited? Hahaha. I do need to lose a few pounds. definitely. But I think the problem is that I bought it when I was in highschool.... and it's a size 30 waste. So yeah. Maybe I'll just fast a whole bunch. Hope all is going well for ya! Love ya!

dad! Sounds like you guys had a blast hunting. I'm glad you got to go. I definitely miss doing that. Those were some of my favourite memories haha. I don't know if you remember one time, but I fell into a lake or something, hahah and had to take off my pants to dry! That was freezing! That's cool you guys went though. How are the missionaries in the ward? what's the work like? How's your new calling?

Peter! Yeah you'll have to have me over for dinner. Haha. No, I probably won't die AP. My mission president wants me to train before I go home. So this'll probably be my last one. Which is great because I'm so tired haha. I think It would be awesome to train... did you ever get that opportunity? Good luck with getting everything ready dude! Hope all goes well. Love ya!

Charly. NO BOYS. Cmon man. I'm glad your doing well though! So what happened to brother Matthews? How come he's no longer the seminary teacher? That's awesome you taught young womens. Love you char, keep up the good work!

Jake. What's up punk. Congrats on hitting your first deer dude! I remember that feeling. It's a big adrenaline rush. Sounds like you had a great week though! I'm glad to hear your working and all is going well for you.

Kenna! Hope all is going great! Love you to death! Keep being awesome!

Izaac! Happy birthday buddy! How was it? Mum told me you went rollerskating at Lloyds? I hope that was cool. Congrats on turning 7 buddy! I hope all is going well! Love you man! Keep it real! And I'm sorry I didn't write last week - But I hope you know I didn't forget!

AH. So last week was so nuts. We had multizones all week. Basically we just traveled the mission visiting all the zones and doing trainings. I'm so tired. It was such a great feeling do be done. It was sad, though because that night we had exchanges. No break. Hahaha.

Tonight is kind of scary. We're going to meet some men from the missionary department in Salt Lake. Basically they're coming to evaluate us. So we are taking them out later and will be going to our appointments. And I'm assuming being corrected in many ways hahaha. Then we'll have some other multizones this week upcoming in small forms for a new "He is the Gift" initiative thing that we'll have to train on. Man. I can't wait for thanksgiving! I'll be able to rest for a bit, which will be great. 

We had a little scare this week. We didn't think Hilda was going to make it to be confirmed. She got a seasonal job and they wanted her to work Sunday. Haha. She told us she wasn't going to be able to make it to church... we had a big lesson on the gift of the Holy Ghost. Haha and she showed up on Sunday! She called in sick. It was an awesome little miracle haha. Her and her 3 daughters were all confirmed yesterday. It was great. I love that family. 

Also, Maria Rodriguez and Irma Hernandez, the family that we've been working with and who was baptized/reactivated were just called to the miamaid presidency yesterday which was awesome.

Jessica and Josh both came to church yesterday as well. We're really excited to be working with them. They're awesome. Both are doing amazing and studying and praying. Josh hopefully will be baptized this december 14th, and Jessica too.

I called Johnny this week - one of my recent converts from Moreno Valley. He's 18, and is done highschool. He asked me to come to the temple with him in the new year, because he wants to go on a mission. He said he was going to try to set something up with the bishop to get his papers started. I'm so stoked. That would be so cool!

Anyways. I love my mission. It's been the best time ever. I know that what we teach is true, and it's so cool to see it's power in the lives of everyone we teach because they really change. I love it. It's so awesome. 

I hope everyone has a great week. love you guys.

Elder Blomfield 

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