Monday, 5 January 2015


Hey family!

I'm super sorry I didn't respond last week! It's been super hectic!

It's been so random. SO. On Monday, we dropped Maxfield off at the mission home and then did the whole thing for the leaving missionaries (my trainer Elder Harris was included in that). They bore there testimonies, we had a big dinner, and then they went to bed. It felt so weird. We had to wake up at 3:00 the next day to take Elder Harris to the airport because he was leaving early. So.... we slept through the alarm. Hahahaha. Oh man. I woke up at 3:40 and yelled to my companion Elder Thurman, and we were ready in 15 minutes and got Elder Harris to the airport with half an hour to spare. It was nuts! We spent the rest of the day lugging other missionaries to and from the airport, and then training all the new missionaries and trainers. It was hectic. I was so excited to sleep. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to Elder Maxfield. I was almost in tears haha. He was such a good companion. It was really sad. 

The rest of the week was filled with a lot of meetings and planning for the next transfer and preparing for it. We also had interviews with President, and were able to watch the new movie Meet the Mormons. I like it a lot! BUT amidst all that hecticness and the exchange we had, we manage to have an amazing week! 7 of our investigators came to church this week! 

We are still teaching Gabby and her family! OH. By the way, last Thursday Farrah was baptized, and on last Sunday Gabby was baptized. Both those baptisms were amazingly spiritual. Martha (Gabby's mum) and her two other daughters Adrianna and Maria are all progressing towards baptism. It's so cool because everytime we come over, they've read. And the other day we showed up for our appointment and they were all sitting on the couch with the door open, waiting for us with their Book of Mormons. It was awesome. They are progressing towards the 19th of October to be baptized. They went to Women's Conference and everything. It's so cool.

Andrew was never baptized due to his sister going to the emergency room the night before. But he will be baptized very soon. We are also teaching a lady named Michelle who is the neighbour of our recent convert Sarah. She's really awesome too. As well we picked up a new family called the Rojo family. The Husband/ Father, David, is a member and less active. but he wants his family to get baptized and get active in the church! Blessings from heaven! So cool. They didn't come to church this week due to work, but he said he's gonna be getting that off soon! Super excited!

Yesterday as well, finally George came to visit. It was so cool to see him. He's nuts. He's got a little more tattoos and shaved his head hahaha. But he's active in the church and brings his girlfriend and younger sister who are both planning to be baptized within the upcoming months. They meet with the missionaries out there in Anaheim. It was so cool to see him again. I love him so much. He's the best.

So essentially what I'm trying to say is that this week was nuts. It was filled with tons of miracles and blessings. I'm pretty dead. I'm not gonna lie. My body is whacked out. I'm exhausted! But I love it! I love this work. i know it's true. I know this is Christ's church. 

Sounds like everyone else had a great week too though! 

I'm super jealous Mum and Dad that you got to go clean the temple. I can't wait to go this transfer. How often do you guys get to do that?

Also! I'm gonna be straight up honest. Charly, I was kind of mad when I heard you were in a kissing booth. I didn't like that at all. 

I Hope Peter's feeling better too!! That sucks that he's so stressed out! Pete get better. Have you proposed yet? Let me know dude! And good luck on midterms!

I'm glad everyone's doing well though and having fun in sports and what not! I love those pictures you sent!

Have a great week everyone! I love you guys a ton, and keep being amazing!

Also I give you permission to go on my facebook and add everyone that's added me.

Love Elder Blomfield

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