Monday, 5 January 2015


PETER! You're engaged!!! Holy smokes! That's so weird. I won't have seen you for four years, and by the time I I do, you'll be married! SO nuts. That's cool. You gotta bring her up at Christmas so I can meet her via skype hahaha. So nuts!

I'll get that picture to you probably next week. I'm super busy right now hahaha. 

This week was great. It was a little harder because we were super busy, but it was great.

So. We had transfer meetings this week which was cool. It was very time consuming, but it was fun. Elder Thurman and I are staying together for one more transfer! Which is awesome! We're super excited to serve one more. 

We had a great week with the Rojo family - although they didn't come to church yesterday because David was on call... ugh. BUT, he's preparing to baptize his wife and kids. So that's so awesome! We taught them about the word of wisdom and tithing this week. And just talked about everything. It was great.

On Monday, as you can see, we carved pumpkins with Martha, Maria, Emily, Adriana, Gabby, Irma and the Bowers. It was super fun, we had a blast. I love that family to death! They're so awesome. Last night we went over to their house and taught them about missionary work. 

We found a new investigator this week too, Jessica Stewart. Her husband is a less active member who wants to get back to church - and she just found out she has cancer. They went to a different ward to receive a blessing, and yeah. Things are looking great for them!

I'm slightly depressed because Elder Moss leaves today. It'll be cool because we basically are going bowling and tonight I'll be able to see him at the farewell meetings and drop him off at the airport tomorrow. It's so weird. I realized yesterday I only have 7 months left..... scary. I feel like I have so much to learn still!!

We also had a change of Stake President here in the Jurupa Stake, where I'm serving, so a general authority came down. It was a really spiritual experience. I have so much to learn.

SO WEIRD Peter's getting married. SO weird. Haha. I can't believe that. It sounds like everyone else had a great week too. I'm glad though you sent me a picture.... finally. Although I can hardly see your faces... that's a pretty funny engagement story Pete! Such a boss, riding up on the motorbike! 

And congrats Mum and Dad for being married for so long. Keep it up. You guys are the best.

Jake! That's cool you were on the radio! One time I got interviewed for the news, but they never put me on hahaha.

Hey. So. I don't know if everyone remembers the challenge I gave them, to have a friend get baptized before I come home. Hows that going?

Anyways. Love you all a ton! You guys are the best. Hope you have a great week, and keep me up to date. 

I know this is God's church. I know it's true. This is the only way we can stay happy! 

Que se cuiden!

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