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6 OCTOBER 2014

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week. It sounds super busy!

This week for us was hectic. As usual hahaha. It was great though - we saw a bunch of miracles. So first of all, we've continued to teach Martha and her family (Maria, Adrianna, Gabby, Irma and Emily). We had some awesome lessons with them in the home of the Bowers - an awesome family in the ward. They were feeling kind of shaky for the 19th of October, but when we spoke to them, they served all their own concerns and are ready to go! We're so excited! They went to the Bowers again to watch conference. It was so cool, and we had lunch with them there in between sessions. We're so excited for them!! It's been amazing to teach them. Originally, when we would teach Gabby, Adrianna and Irma, Martha wouldn't talk to us haha. She would avoid us. She's come a long way and is definitely the driving factor in that family in helping them read, pray and go to church. It's awesome!

As well we taught our dear friend Andrew. He's the 9 year old boy we're teaching. He's so cool. He knows like everything because he's grown up in the church, just never been baptized. And he'll be getting baptized this upcoming weekend! I'm so happy! It's cool because we get to play football with him after the lessons. It's really fun. It's so cool to see how God is blessing the area so much! I know it's nothing we've done. These people are just prepared and ready. It's awesome. 

As well this week, we taught the Rojo family again. Hahaha. This is how much God is blessing the area. It's a part member family and the Dad, David is a member. He was telling us that he wants his girls baptized and he wants to go to the temple with his wife. And his family is all excited. I have no idea why all this good is happening, but I love it! It's so cool!
So this week too we had a big meeting to prepare for. So we went to the mission office and basically stayed there all night until about 1:30am. We were making sheets and info and all that stuff for MLC. We drew up a board with all the zone leaders investigators etc. and went to go put it in the room where we were meeting the next morning. When we flicked on the light there were about 7 cockroaches the length of my palm running around. That was so gross!!! We proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes killing them. I guess California really is a desert haha. 

It's weird being away from my companion a lot, but the good thing is that he's really amazing so I totally trust him in the area. He's a bomb missionary. He's been out the same amount of time I have so we go home together. It's exciting because both of us don't really know what we're doing. So we get to watch God work miracles. 

I'm glad you guys were able to take a break and get to Banff! That's so cool! In the pictures is already looks like it's cold over there. Thank goodness I'm in SoCal hahaha. Im glad everyone got to watch conference too. Conference was awesome. I loved it. I love it when president Monson speaks. He's so loving every time. As well I feel like a central message was helping out the poor (spirit and money). That's something I need to work on a lot, is being more caring for others. I've tried to develop that characteristic of charity out here.... it's a lot of work! It's something I think I struggle with a lot, and something I need to work harder at. But it's cool. I love conference. I got to wear headphones and listen to a bunch of it in Spanish which was pretty cool. Also I love how they do the whole original language thing!

But yeah Charly! Dude! no boys! Cmon. You and I both know it will only lead to misery. No kissing. Also Peter, I hope you get married. Just make sure I'm home for it okay? Otherwise I'll be annoyed. But good luck in school man, I'm sure that's pretty stressful right now.

Jake, I'm super proud of you for how handsome you are. You look like Justin Beiber! Hahaha way to be a good dude. Keep up the good work and be worthy and ready to serve a mission.

Mum and Dad I love you guys. You guys are the bomb. My favourite parents ever for sure! Hahaha. I hope all is well back home!

I just hope you guys all know I love this church to death! I know it's God's church. I know the Atonement is real and it's not only for our sins, but for our weaknesses, pains, sicknesses and our stress. I know God is real and that He is our Heavenly Father. It's so cool! 

Love you guys, and have a good week! 

Elder Blomfield. 

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