Wednesday, 18 February 2015

16 FEBRUARY 2015

Hey Family! Hope all is going well. Things seem to be going great down there. Up there. Wherever. 

Hahaha By the way, thanks for getting everyone to write me hahaha. How was your week dad? I read that article. It was pretty cool... I never thought of it like that! okay. so here are my answers. why do you want these questions anyways? 1. The Trinidad family and overcoming my faluts 2. The Trinidad family, and Leonel not drinking/passing his interview. 3. Leonel passing his interview, finding a bunch of new investigators. 4. I feel like I always have to say Jesus Christ for this one. But besides Him probably Leonel. He's so funny. 5.God guided us to a lot of people that needed us 6. I'm looking forward to Leonel's baptism. 7. One of our goals is to get the Trinidad family on board. We're fasting for them tomorrow. Also the baptism of Leonel. Also I'm trying to be more loving and filled with charity. 8. 

That's interesting you talked about it. We had a meeting with the Stake President this week and we talked about the same thing. To help the ward we need to get back to the basics. Basically you can't build a house if you have no foundation. One thing I am excited for is being able to take what I've learned and help out back home. I have a lot of people I want to work on haha. How are the flames doing by the way? That's awesome we're going to imagine dragons! Too bad I'm extending. Hahaha gotcha. I know that was basically done so I have no choice now. That's cool Logan is getting married. I hope Ben is doing good. He emailed me the other day. Love you dad!

Hey Mum! I haven't gotten the package yet. I was actually in Riverside today, but I didn't see it there. That's okay though. I have faith that it will come. Also. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing my housing thing. I squeeled for joy hearing that. That's so awesome. Thank you! And I will be honest, sometimes when people tried to attack or bash I get kind of upset hahaha.  So I usually just try to avoid the situation. But I kind of couldn't in this sense. They loured us in. That's awesome everything is going well in primary. How do you like the calling? I don't have Ethan's number by the way. I thought I did, but I don't. And he never messaged me back last week. Punk. Hope all is well. Love you mum!

Peter. I hope it's fun being married. Te quiero.

Charly. Man. Are you and Mitchell official now? he fracasado como hermano..... I have to reply to Mitchell. Response: I will beat you up if you kiss my sister on the mouth. Hahaha. Close Response. That's great you guys went to a hockey game! Hockey is the best. No one here plays hockey, yet they all boast because the Stanley Cup is in California. Lame. And they don't let me forget it.Love you char!

Jake. Sounds like you're doing great dude! Hope all goes well for badminton. I heard you and charly are being awesome missionaries. Keep it up man! That's awesome! There's no better feeling. Hey did you guys ever get my letters. I sent some. To you and Charly. Don't know if they ever got there. Love you!

Izaac and Kenna. I love you guys. you guys are the best!
Okay so this week was great. We did some splits which has been really good. It's cool because we can get double the work done and it let's Elder Gibson teach without having to rely on me. His Spanish has improved a lot. 

It was cool as well. Leonel got his baptismal interview this week. He passed. Thank goodness. The only things is that he can't drink coffee or alcohol. Keep praying for him. He came to church this week and he's getting baptized next week. We're super excited. He's so funny because he's old and can't hear great. So we laugh our head off basically every time we go over. He's really an awesome man though. He's been changing a lot. You can see it on his countenance. He's a lot happier.

We had some good lessons with the Trinidad family. We taught them about the Atonement and the Word of Wisdom later on. They were really strong lessons, but they didn't come to church. It was really sad. We won't give up on them, they're so close to just getting there answer. 

We also had some marriage counselling to do this week. We showed up at our investigators house in the middle of them fighting. Basically she thinks he's cheating on her. And he's upset because she always jealous. I was like man... I'm only 20. And I'm already a marriage counselor. It's great. And I'm not even married. But no, in all seriousness, we really hope things get better. It's such a great family. They're on the point of baptism as well. I really hope things work out. 

We had a great experience last night. After church we gave a church tour to a guy we talked to on the street named Gregorio. Basically it was a super spiritual experience. And we taught him the first vision. He told us that he had been trying to find out more about us. and that things just kept happening. He was like, the other day when you guys talked to me on the street, I was like finally, the people I need to talk to. It was cool. Hopefully things go well with him.

I had a cool experience. We met with our stake President this week. He taught me a lot of things I have to improve on. It was really great. I really like him a lot. He's very humble and very loving. 

Also. We went to Riverside today for a crossfit challenge. Basically half the mission was there. I got to see a lot of my friends. It was great because I saw Romero. It's sad though because it's the last time I see him before he leaves. I'm really sad. We got permission to go out to lunch after. Hahah He's from Mexico and his family moved to Idaho. So he's going to Idaho. Which is hilarious. But yeah. It's been a weird week.

Anyways. Things go well in Riverside. I love this place. Love you all. Hope all is well. The church is true. 

Elder Blomfield


What's up family! 

Dad. You had tons of questions. Let me answer them. 1. Biggest Challenge: Tired. 2. Biggest Concern: Helping the Trinidad Family progress to baptism. 3. Biggest success: Having the Trinidad family and Leonel come to church on Sunday. 4. Favourite Person: my companion because he makes me laugh and makes me proud. And Jesus Christ. For obvious reasons. 5. Most significant tender mercy: I didn't die today while scaling down a cliff. 6. Looking forward: teaching my investigators and seeing them grow. 7:  Goal: Have Leonel get his baptismal interview, have the Trinidad family on a firm firm date for baptism. 8. What scripture impacted me?: D&C 101: 16 - be still, and know that I am God. Sounds like a hilarious week dad! Hahaha. I'm glad everyone and everything is going well. Love you!

Mum! Hey thank you so much for sending me the contacts. That is a huge blessing. Thank you haha. So. I really really badly want to room with Ethan Moss. I emailed him and told him to email you back. Would it be possible to hold off another week. I think I have his phone number, but it's at home - I could get it for you next week? I haven't spoken to Josh about it yet, but I'll get Ethan's number to you next week if that's okay? That's awesome you guys went to a flames game! It sounds like you had a great week too. I remember Ice Skating. I love playing hockey! Hahaha. That's awesome they all went. Hey mum. Thanks for everything. I know even on a mission I'm probably still a lot to deal with haha. Love ya!

Peter! Congrats dude on rocking the tests! Sounds like things are going great for you at school! Hahaha that's funny that you passed out. Are you okay? I think that's what usually happens to those out of shape ;). I'm just kidding. That's so cool dude about everything with work. You're gonna go far. I know you guys will figure it out. Thanks for being such a rock solid example to me. Anyways. Love you lots 

Char! I heard you gave a talk this week! That's awesome. And I heard you nailed it. I'm super proud. Hope all is going well for you? How's school/work/mitchell? Love ya!
Jake! Good luck with badminton. You're hairs long. You look like one direction. That's what everyone calls me out here. It's annoying. Anyways. Love you !

Kenna and Izaac! It looks like you had a blast skating! I love skating. Izaac you need to get into hockey now dude! That's where the fun is at! Anyways, love you guys!
This week was great. Really tiring, but super rewarding too. I had a lot of fun.

Probably the best part was just being able to teach people. The Trinidad family is progressing well. They have a soft (very soft) date for march 1st for baptism. I know that's soft. But it's something. And God can work miracles. They did come to church again this week. Sacrament was great. We learned about temples and the Atonement. All very powerful talks. It makes me super happy to be in the church. And I'm glad my investigators were there to watch it. It was cool. Our dinner cancelled Saturday. So the Marquez family invited us over to eat with them. It was a little fun party thing. And the Trinidad's showed up. It was awesome. It's great to see the members of the ward taking over. I love it. 

We also had some other cool experience. We taught some powerful lessons with John's mum which was great. We also had two guys invite us in to teach and then bash on us the whole time. And try to trick us with our words. It was a great experience for Elder Gibson haha. It was the first time it's happened to us while we've been together. 

Also we taught Leonel again. He relapsed last Sunday. So we gave him a blessing and what not. He's really wanting to change. He hasn't been drinking, hopefully he continues on. It's been a huge change seeing as he has been a drinker his whole life. He came to church too which was awesome. It was a really cool experience.

Things are going super well here. I'm glad to be training. It's been a good experience and my companion has been a boss. 

Hope all is well back home. Oh yeah today we went hiking as a zone. it was a mess. Two elders got lost without a phone hahahaha. Or not lost but separated. We spent the whole time looking for him. Also I scaled a mountain and tried to go down a different way and got stuck. And had to just slide down. It was great. I'm all cut up.  Anyways. Love you all! 

I know this is God's work. SO keep it up back home. Honestly there is no better feeling than being in the service of God.  Love ya!
Elder Blomfield


Hey family!

Sounds like everyone had an awesome week. This one was pretty rewarding at the end which was great!

Dad! So yes. In response I got permission from President for Farrah to come see me. I try keep the rules, don't worry. Sounds awesome that you got a new tv! That's crazy! One of our investigators has a Smart TV like that. I've never used one, but I heard they're awesome! That's huge. What did you do with the other tv? That sounds like an awesome video. Haha sorry about work. I got tons of people down here willing to go work up in Canada. Just let me know;). Glad all is going well. Love you dad!

Mum! I'm glad you don't hate me. That's good. I think we figured everything out with our mail now... I'm not sure though because we haven't received mail yet still haha. But I think you can send it and it should be fine. Thanks mum! That's awesome Joseph and Jenny are adopting, I think that's something I'd like to do... maybe from Africa. Tell the Archibald's I say hi! They probably don't remember me. But yeah. That's awesome about the temple as well. I'm so jealous. 3300 BC? that's nuts. Love you mum! hope everything is going well! You're the best!
Peter. Yeah dude. Let me kind of reply separately. The week sounds good. Sounds like you're rocking BYU. Love you man!
Charly! That's awesome that Mitchell came over for FHE. That's a huge step. Just keep it up. Keep being his friend and working with him. He sounds like a really cool guy. Love you char. Hope all went well this week!

Jake. Hopefully you're okay dude! I think that's what I want to do when I grow up. Work as a doctor for kids in someway. That's awesome you went to the temple! Hope everythings going well at school and at work. If you ever need anything, God's always there. Love you man!
Kenna. Glad to hear from you. Yes Kenna, a few of the people I taught have been baptized this year. It's super exciting. Are you going to be a missionary? Thanks for being an awesome sister. love you!

Izaac. I heard you're playing mini hockey. You better get good. Love you buddy. Hope all is going well!

So this week was awesome. A little bit harder to start off. Not so much success as we would have like, but towards the end it picked up. We've been teaching John. He's awesome. He came to soccer for the ward Friday night and loved it. That week we sat him down to teach about the word of wisdom. It was funny because he told us before we even mentioned that that he couldn't follow the "word of the wise". But I guess the Spirit worked on him because by the end of the lesson he agreed and said he's going to work on it. He didn't come to church however because he leaves for Columbia today for 22 days and had to get everything ready. Hopefully all will be good when he comes back. 

We also have been teaching Leonel. He's so funny. He loves us coming over. Probably because he's old and he has no one to talk to. But he's progressing. It's a little harder because he's been affected by alcohol for so long so it's harder for him to understand. But we woke him up for church and he came. Hahaha. He's a good man. He should be baptized on the 22nd, maybe even earlier if we feel he's ready. He's almost there. 

We also are teaching the Trinidad family. We had a good lesson with them this week. They invited us to there sons performance in the other church. We went, but missed it by a minute. But they really were happy we showed up to support him. A couple days later they sat us down and told us they are going to try really hard to find out if this is true. It was a great lesson. They came to church on Sunday. The testimonies were so powerful. It was awesome. However, afterwards in gospel principals, some false doctrine was taught. Basically they are super confused now. So. Pray for them to get an answer. I love that family a lot. 

Also we're teaching a lady named Maritza. She's hilarious. She came to church. It was super funny. She's awesome too. Hopefully she will be baptized this month as well. Pray for her. 

Things seem to be picking up here. We have people to teach and people that are coming to church. They just need a testimony now. And they'll get baptized. It was cool. I spoke to one of my recent converts from Moval too - Johnny. He's been hanging out with one of my other recent converts - David. Both are thinking about missions. David is preparing to get his patriarchal blessing. And David's parents are planning on getting baptized. I love seeing the domino effect. Hopefully it carries on throughout these peoples lives.

Anyways. Love you all. Hope everyone has a great week! You guys are the best. Keep it real.

Love Elder Blomfield. 

Oh yeah. I woke up remembering I have four months left.... weird. I'm scared.

I know this church is true. It's amazing! Love you all!

26 JANUARY 2015

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! Sounds great!

Dad! We have like 4 people on date right now. Hopefully it all goes well. I really hope to have some success here. It's cool to see how many people have been prepared down here. In this area we're just struggling to help people move on a certain point. To help them get baptized. That's no good about Neil's tv. Braden emailed me a few weeks ago, wishing me a happy Christmas. I like Braden a lot. He's a cool guy. Yeah gas prices down here are super low too! What's up with that? Probably the end of the world eh? I hope all goes well with Carlos and Lissette. Hopefully they get back. How's Jojo and Aries and all them? Love ya Dad!
Mum! Yes, so I've kind of made a decision. Don't hate me. Hahaha. It's still not firm. I honestly don't know haha. I am still the same prescription! I don't need anything else, thanks mum. I don't know what happens, for some reason all mail sent to our apartment from the mission office doesn't come through. We'll probably call them this week to figure it out. It's still the same address too. That's so exciting about England. How long are you there for again? It's sounds like you guys have a great trip planned out! When does Trent come home? Hope all is well mum, love you lots!
Peter! Just got your email! Yeah things are going well! I'm focused don't worry. I made a determined resolution at the beginning to not be unfocused. Hahaha. I love my mission too. You rocked it last semester man! That's awesome! How's it going this year? How's being married? Love you man! Keep it real!
Charly! So just invite him to all the little things like Church on Sundays. Just casually ask him if he wants to come. Have him come to joint mutual nights and if possible to seminary with you. Then just ask him if he wants to listen to the message the missionaries share. I think you can be pretty open about it. Tell him you wont be hurt either way, and even if he does say no, keep inviting him to dinner, fhe, church and church activities and stuff. Just be super friendly and casual about it. If he really is your friend and really does like you, he wont be offended because he knows it's something important to you. Infact, he should look at it the opposite way. That's my advice. Be bold, not overbearing you know? Hope all goes well char! Love you!

Jake! Hey dude. You stud. So you're hanging out with lots of girls? Man. Hahaha. Who's you're girl right now? I remember tping the rassmussens house. That was so fun. My first time. haha dad was there and helped out, it was great. Love you man! Keep up the good workd!
Kenna! Love you kenna! Thanks for writing me. How's school going? Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I got a few packages from some friends. Some clothes and candy really. Hahaha I'll count them up all just for you kenna! Love ya!
Izaac! Dude! I hope you're doing okay. How's school and basketball. I heard you're making some baskets. I bet I could beat you in basketball! Love you man!
This week was great. So first of all. I got to go back for two baptisms in my old area. Karen and Cristian were two kids we were teaching. They just got baptized. They're so cool! They've really just like changed their lives to do this. It was a great thing to see yesterday. Karen, who was kind of a rebel, got up and bore her testimony afterwards. It was awesome. I love those guys. The parents invited us all back to go eat dinner before we finish our missions. Haha it was really nice.
Also this week I got super sick. That wasn't super fun. I got home one night and after planning just puked everything. It was gross. That whole night was horrible! The next day I like couldn't move hahaha. I was so pathetic. But another missionary was sick too, so we bonded and comforted each other. I tried to go out that night to our appointments but felt like dying so we came back again. The good news is it was only a 24 hour thing so I'm all good now!
My recent convert, Farrah, drove down to take us out to lunch on Saturday. So all four of us missionaries went to go eat which was super fun. It was good to see her too.
We spent a lot of time working with the Trinidad family again. Which was great. It's hard because they didn't come to church this week. Only Wendy did. Their son is still practicing for his show in the other church they attend so yeah. It's a really confusing situation. I love that family a lot though. They're super nice and like us a lot. Just pray for them so all can go well. We gave Ignacia a blessing - she has super bad headaches. When we were done she was crying. I really hope she feels better too.

We saw John this week - the one whose dad passed away. He loves what we share. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and loved it. And accepted baptism for March 1st. Basically because he's going to be out of town in Columbia. But he came to church and loved it. He was tearing up. It was a cool experience. I really love this  work! It's so much fun. I'm way exhausted. But it's a great thing.
Anyways. It's transfers today. So I don't have too much time. I hope you all know this church is true! I love it. I know it's true. Love you guys!
Elder Blomfield

19 JANUARY 2015

Hey family! Sounds like you guys had another busy week!
Dad! I'm glad your elbow is feeling better! Yeah! Those in grown toe nails are horrible. Hahaha. Basically it wont grow back on it. He didn't rip the whole thing but just like the part growing into my skin. But I was kind of dumb last week. The doctor told me to take it easy and let it heal, so I went and played soccer last P-day. My toe didn't like that too much. The cable broke? Ah man, I bet my walking dead is gone. Hahaha Sarah Madison, our recent convert from my last ward, loved the walking dead. We would always talk about it. It was great. I've been thinking a lot about that too. A lot of people lately seem to be losing their testimonies over church history. They're just not grounded in the gospel. It's really sad. They stop doing the simple things like reading, praying, church, or keeping the commandments and fall. That's really cool about the Muslim religion. I really want to study that more, it's super interesting. Anyways. Love you dad! Hope you have a good week!

Mum! So first of all. I'm offended you didn't write me. Inactive. Just kidding. Hahaha. I really like that scripture. It's something I really need to work on. What I like a lot is that it says be an example of the believers. Being an example to the world, although good, I don't think is enough. We have to be lights and examples to those who already believe and those who already are examples to everyone else. It calls for a higher standard. Hahaha I miss Kenna and Izaac a lot. They're so awesome. I have such great family haha. Speaking of dreams. I had one not last night, but the night before where I went home. It was so weird. I'm not gonna lie. I didn't sleep hardly that night and woke up feeling sick. Man. And yeah it's true she goes home. She's done. Super weird! Also Mum! I need to purchase more contacts. Do you remember the type I had, or basically how I can order them? I think I can buy some down here at walmart, but I just need to know the brand because I totally forgot! Love you mum! You're the best!
Peter! Hope married life is good you sly dog! Hope school goes well! Good luck!
Charly! Cuidate de los chicos char! Hope all is going well! Love ya! I hope you're doing well in seminary!
Jake! Hope you're having fun working! Love you! You better be owning it up in school my friend!
Izaac and Kenna I love you guys! Hope you guys are doing great!
So first of all. I haven't spoken to Sam or Asian Josh. But I will do that today. This is Ethan Moss's email if you could contact him for me! Thank you! . But yeah. So I guess in regards to that too, I did get to go to the temple this week by the way. It was such a great experience! I loved it. I prayed about extending and what not. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but after thinking about it for a while, I think I'll probably be going home June 2nd when my original release date is. I don't know still. But that's how I feel as of right now.
On a happier note though, this week went great. We had a lesson with the Trinidad family. There were tons of people there. The Cunado of Hno. Trinidad was there. He loved it. We taught the restoration and watched the Restoration movie. The Cunado was crying. It was such a cool experience. We then went by the next day with 7 missionaries and did service for them. Only Wendy the Cunado (hno. Osencio) came to church from that family. Hna. Trinidad has huge migraines and on top of that they're still part of another church and there son is involved in the play so they had to go. But those who came loved it. we're really excited.
We also taught this one family called the Jiminez family. Two of the girls were baptized six months ago. We started working with the Mum, Maritza. She's so funny. She's on date for the 15th of February and came to church for the first time. We also have another man on date named Leonal who came to church whose on date for the 22nd of Feb (he's got some drinking problems we're working through).
Also. A cool little miracle. Back in Mo Val we used to eat with this lady named Esther. She was a recent convert. Her sons and daughter weren't members and were kind of against it a little. The other day, after leaving a lesson we talked to some guy on the street which turned out to be her son that I knew from before. It was super cool. He let us come back and teach him. He's had problems with his mum lately and moved out to Corona where I am. He came to church too and started reading the Book of Mormon. Huge change for him. Super exciting. His name is Ruben.

It's been great to see tons of miracles in this area. Things are picking up really well. Hopefully those that we're working with will get baptized soon. Oh as well. We talked to some guy on the street named John. His dad died two hours earlier. So we're going to go see him tonight. Hopefully all goes well with that. We're excited. It's funny how God guides you as you do what's right.
But I love this church. It's the best. I know it's true, I don't really care what anyone else says or what the world says because it's true. And amazing. Love you all, keep up the good work!