Wednesday, 18 February 2015

12 JANUARY 2015

Hey family! This week was great! Super busy but great!

But First. Peter that's weird you're in a family ward! That's so weird! How was your luna de miel? Hahaha dude she's like three years! That's like a full generation hahaha. It's so sad how people lose their testimonies over that stuff. It's so funny. I know that as long as you do the basic stuff (read, pray, church and keep the commandments) you'll be okay. Anyone that loses their testimony has failed in at least one and probably more of those things. I love training. It's hard! En verdad esta area ha sido la mas dificil in mi mission. Encontramos gente, pero todo se cae. Pero continuamos trabajando duro cada dia. Entonces te entiendo. Pero por lo menos mi hijo es un jefe y ya sabe mucho. Yo creo que el Senor esta tratando de esenarme algo tambien. probablamente paciencia, humildad y caridad. Pero es bueno porque cada noche cuando regreso al apartamento, aunque fuera un dia dificil, me siento feliz y contento que Dios me esta dando esta prueba. Ojala que yo aprenda lo que Dios quiere que aprenda. 

Dad! My Spanish? Hahah it's okay. Trying to perfect it. My companion does not speak Spanish actually. Well, he's learning it now, and fast. But does not speak it. I'm glad your elbow is feeling better. It's weird we choose to live in pain sometimes hahaha. So what is the problem with it? inflammation or nerves? That's great you've had some time with the family. When do you all head to England? Hope all is well! Love you Dad!

Mum! I hope everything's going well for you! How's post stress life after all the holidays and wedding? Hahaha. I hope you're doing well! Love you!

Char! I heard you brought Mitchell over. Man. Are you guys dating now? like exclusively? Man. You're so old.

Jake! How do you like work dude? and school? Hope all goes well. Now, what's the girls situation like for you? Love you man!

Kenna and Izaac. Love you guys! Keep being awesome!

So. We had interviews with President this week. Which was great. I love him he's so cool. As well, on Wednesday we went to Riverside. My ingrown toenail came back so I went and got that removed again. It was fun because I had the same doctor. He let me do my injections again. Basically he just shoved a whole bunch of acid in there so it wont grow back. It was pretty cool to watch.

This week was great. We picked up a family - the Trinidad family. They're super cool. They were a referral from members of the ward. So we started teaching them. They had come to church two weeks previous but due to new years and what not it was a little harder to meet with them. But they came to church yesterday and liked it. Pray for them! They have a lot of potential to be baptized. I mean both times that sat through the Exaltation lessons if you know what I mean, and didn't get freaked out which was great!

We also picked up 8 new investigators. All of them are basically families that we're visiting. Which is great, but they didn't come to church. Hopefully we can change that this week.

It's so weird. I like look back on the week and it's all just been a blur. It's going so fast.. It's really sad. Hahaha I can't really remember what happened!

I got to go back for a baptism last night from my old area which was great. Sarah Madison - our recent convert, her husband Ricky got baptized. I don't know if I talked too much about him. We were working with him. He was preparing for a baptismal date and finally came to church the week I left, and he hasn't missed a week since. Last night was so cool. He stood up and bore his testimony afterwards about the Book of Mormon. It was really Spiritual. They told us to come back for the sealing in a year. I'm so happy for them.

Anyways. More or less that was my week. Super busy and it went by so quick. Thanks for all your prayers! I love you guys, I hope all goes well! Have a good week! 

Keep reading! Keep Praying! This gospels true! Love you all!

Elder Blomfield

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