Wednesday, 18 February 2015

16 FEBRUARY 2015

Hey Family! Hope all is going well. Things seem to be going great down there. Up there. Wherever. 

Hahaha By the way, thanks for getting everyone to write me hahaha. How was your week dad? I read that article. It was pretty cool... I never thought of it like that! okay. so here are my answers. why do you want these questions anyways? 1. The Trinidad family and overcoming my faluts 2. The Trinidad family, and Leonel not drinking/passing his interview. 3. Leonel passing his interview, finding a bunch of new investigators. 4. I feel like I always have to say Jesus Christ for this one. But besides Him probably Leonel. He's so funny. 5.God guided us to a lot of people that needed us 6. I'm looking forward to Leonel's baptism. 7. One of our goals is to get the Trinidad family on board. We're fasting for them tomorrow. Also the baptism of Leonel. Also I'm trying to be more loving and filled with charity. 8. 

That's interesting you talked about it. We had a meeting with the Stake President this week and we talked about the same thing. To help the ward we need to get back to the basics. Basically you can't build a house if you have no foundation. One thing I am excited for is being able to take what I've learned and help out back home. I have a lot of people I want to work on haha. How are the flames doing by the way? That's awesome we're going to imagine dragons! Too bad I'm extending. Hahaha gotcha. I know that was basically done so I have no choice now. That's cool Logan is getting married. I hope Ben is doing good. He emailed me the other day. Love you dad!

Hey Mum! I haven't gotten the package yet. I was actually in Riverside today, but I didn't see it there. That's okay though. I have faith that it will come. Also. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing my housing thing. I squeeled for joy hearing that. That's so awesome. Thank you! And I will be honest, sometimes when people tried to attack or bash I get kind of upset hahaha.  So I usually just try to avoid the situation. But I kind of couldn't in this sense. They loured us in. That's awesome everything is going well in primary. How do you like the calling? I don't have Ethan's number by the way. I thought I did, but I don't. And he never messaged me back last week. Punk. Hope all is well. Love you mum!

Peter. I hope it's fun being married. Te quiero.

Charly. Man. Are you and Mitchell official now? he fracasado como hermano..... I have to reply to Mitchell. Response: I will beat you up if you kiss my sister on the mouth. Hahaha. Close Response. That's great you guys went to a hockey game! Hockey is the best. No one here plays hockey, yet they all boast because the Stanley Cup is in California. Lame. And they don't let me forget it.Love you char!

Jake. Sounds like you're doing great dude! Hope all goes well for badminton. I heard you and charly are being awesome missionaries. Keep it up man! That's awesome! There's no better feeling. Hey did you guys ever get my letters. I sent some. To you and Charly. Don't know if they ever got there. Love you!

Izaac and Kenna. I love you guys. you guys are the best!
Okay so this week was great. We did some splits which has been really good. It's cool because we can get double the work done and it let's Elder Gibson teach without having to rely on me. His Spanish has improved a lot. 

It was cool as well. Leonel got his baptismal interview this week. He passed. Thank goodness. The only things is that he can't drink coffee or alcohol. Keep praying for him. He came to church this week and he's getting baptized next week. We're super excited. He's so funny because he's old and can't hear great. So we laugh our head off basically every time we go over. He's really an awesome man though. He's been changing a lot. You can see it on his countenance. He's a lot happier.

We had some good lessons with the Trinidad family. We taught them about the Atonement and the Word of Wisdom later on. They were really strong lessons, but they didn't come to church. It was really sad. We won't give up on them, they're so close to just getting there answer. 

We also had some marriage counselling to do this week. We showed up at our investigators house in the middle of them fighting. Basically she thinks he's cheating on her. And he's upset because she always jealous. I was like man... I'm only 20. And I'm already a marriage counselor. It's great. And I'm not even married. But no, in all seriousness, we really hope things get better. It's such a great family. They're on the point of baptism as well. I really hope things work out. 

We had a great experience last night. After church we gave a church tour to a guy we talked to on the street named Gregorio. Basically it was a super spiritual experience. And we taught him the first vision. He told us that he had been trying to find out more about us. and that things just kept happening. He was like, the other day when you guys talked to me on the street, I was like finally, the people I need to talk to. It was cool. Hopefully things go well with him.

I had a cool experience. We met with our stake President this week. He taught me a lot of things I have to improve on. It was really great. I really like him a lot. He's very humble and very loving. 

Also. We went to Riverside today for a crossfit challenge. Basically half the mission was there. I got to see a lot of my friends. It was great because I saw Romero. It's sad though because it's the last time I see him before he leaves. I'm really sad. We got permission to go out to lunch after. Hahah He's from Mexico and his family moved to Idaho. So he's going to Idaho. Which is hilarious. But yeah. It's been a weird week.

Anyways. Things go well in Riverside. I love this place. Love you all. Hope all is well. The church is true. 

Elder Blomfield

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