Wednesday, 18 February 2015

19 JANUARY 2015

Hey family! Sounds like you guys had another busy week!
Dad! I'm glad your elbow is feeling better! Yeah! Those in grown toe nails are horrible. Hahaha. Basically it wont grow back on it. He didn't rip the whole thing but just like the part growing into my skin. But I was kind of dumb last week. The doctor told me to take it easy and let it heal, so I went and played soccer last P-day. My toe didn't like that too much. The cable broke? Ah man, I bet my walking dead is gone. Hahaha Sarah Madison, our recent convert from my last ward, loved the walking dead. We would always talk about it. It was great. I've been thinking a lot about that too. A lot of people lately seem to be losing their testimonies over church history. They're just not grounded in the gospel. It's really sad. They stop doing the simple things like reading, praying, church, or keeping the commandments and fall. That's really cool about the Muslim religion. I really want to study that more, it's super interesting. Anyways. Love you dad! Hope you have a good week!

Mum! So first of all. I'm offended you didn't write me. Inactive. Just kidding. Hahaha. I really like that scripture. It's something I really need to work on. What I like a lot is that it says be an example of the believers. Being an example to the world, although good, I don't think is enough. We have to be lights and examples to those who already believe and those who already are examples to everyone else. It calls for a higher standard. Hahaha I miss Kenna and Izaac a lot. They're so awesome. I have such great family haha. Speaking of dreams. I had one not last night, but the night before where I went home. It was so weird. I'm not gonna lie. I didn't sleep hardly that night and woke up feeling sick. Man. And yeah it's true she goes home. She's done. Super weird! Also Mum! I need to purchase more contacts. Do you remember the type I had, or basically how I can order them? I think I can buy some down here at walmart, but I just need to know the brand because I totally forgot! Love you mum! You're the best!
Peter! Hope married life is good you sly dog! Hope school goes well! Good luck!
Charly! Cuidate de los chicos char! Hope all is going well! Love ya! I hope you're doing well in seminary!
Jake! Hope you're having fun working! Love you! You better be owning it up in school my friend!
Izaac and Kenna I love you guys! Hope you guys are doing great!
So first of all. I haven't spoken to Sam or Asian Josh. But I will do that today. This is Ethan Moss's email if you could contact him for me! Thank you! . But yeah. So I guess in regards to that too, I did get to go to the temple this week by the way. It was such a great experience! I loved it. I prayed about extending and what not. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but after thinking about it for a while, I think I'll probably be going home June 2nd when my original release date is. I don't know still. But that's how I feel as of right now.
On a happier note though, this week went great. We had a lesson with the Trinidad family. There were tons of people there. The Cunado of Hno. Trinidad was there. He loved it. We taught the restoration and watched the Restoration movie. The Cunado was crying. It was such a cool experience. We then went by the next day with 7 missionaries and did service for them. Only Wendy the Cunado (hno. Osencio) came to church from that family. Hna. Trinidad has huge migraines and on top of that they're still part of another church and there son is involved in the play so they had to go. But those who came loved it. we're really excited.
We also taught this one family called the Jiminez family. Two of the girls were baptized six months ago. We started working with the Mum, Maritza. She's so funny. She's on date for the 15th of February and came to church for the first time. We also have another man on date named Leonal who came to church whose on date for the 22nd of Feb (he's got some drinking problems we're working through).
Also. A cool little miracle. Back in Mo Val we used to eat with this lady named Esther. She was a recent convert. Her sons and daughter weren't members and were kind of against it a little. The other day, after leaving a lesson we talked to some guy on the street which turned out to be her son that I knew from before. It was super cool. He let us come back and teach him. He's had problems with his mum lately and moved out to Corona where I am. He came to church too and started reading the Book of Mormon. Huge change for him. Super exciting. His name is Ruben.

It's been great to see tons of miracles in this area. Things are picking up really well. Hopefully those that we're working with will get baptized soon. Oh as well. We talked to some guy on the street named John. His dad died two hours earlier. So we're going to go see him tonight. Hopefully all goes well with that. We're excited. It's funny how God guides you as you do what's right.
But I love this church. It's the best. I know it's true, I don't really care what anyone else says or what the world says because it's true. And amazing. Love you all, keep up the good work!

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