Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hey family!

Sounds like everyone had an awesome week. This one was pretty rewarding at the end which was great!

Dad! So yes. In response I got permission from President for Farrah to come see me. I try keep the rules, don't worry. Sounds awesome that you got a new tv! That's crazy! One of our investigators has a Smart TV like that. I've never used one, but I heard they're awesome! That's huge. What did you do with the other tv? That sounds like an awesome video. Haha sorry about work. I got tons of people down here willing to go work up in Canada. Just let me know;). Glad all is going well. Love you dad!

Mum! I'm glad you don't hate me. That's good. I think we figured everything out with our mail now... I'm not sure though because we haven't received mail yet still haha. But I think you can send it and it should be fine. Thanks mum! That's awesome Joseph and Jenny are adopting, I think that's something I'd like to do... maybe from Africa. Tell the Archibald's I say hi! They probably don't remember me. But yeah. That's awesome about the temple as well. I'm so jealous. 3300 BC? that's nuts. Love you mum! hope everything is going well! You're the best!
Peter. Yeah dude. Let me kind of reply separately. The week sounds good. Sounds like you're rocking BYU. Love you man!
Charly! That's awesome that Mitchell came over for FHE. That's a huge step. Just keep it up. Keep being his friend and working with him. He sounds like a really cool guy. Love you char. Hope all went well this week!

Jake. Hopefully you're okay dude! I think that's what I want to do when I grow up. Work as a doctor for kids in someway. That's awesome you went to the temple! Hope everythings going well at school and at work. If you ever need anything, God's always there. Love you man!
Kenna. Glad to hear from you. Yes Kenna, a few of the people I taught have been baptized this year. It's super exciting. Are you going to be a missionary? Thanks for being an awesome sister. love you!

Izaac. I heard you're playing mini hockey. You better get good. Love you buddy. Hope all is going well!

So this week was awesome. A little bit harder to start off. Not so much success as we would have like, but towards the end it picked up. We've been teaching John. He's awesome. He came to soccer for the ward Friday night and loved it. That week we sat him down to teach about the word of wisdom. It was funny because he told us before we even mentioned that that he couldn't follow the "word of the wise". But I guess the Spirit worked on him because by the end of the lesson he agreed and said he's going to work on it. He didn't come to church however because he leaves for Columbia today for 22 days and had to get everything ready. Hopefully all will be good when he comes back. 

We also have been teaching Leonel. He's so funny. He loves us coming over. Probably because he's old and he has no one to talk to. But he's progressing. It's a little harder because he's been affected by alcohol for so long so it's harder for him to understand. But we woke him up for church and he came. Hahaha. He's a good man. He should be baptized on the 22nd, maybe even earlier if we feel he's ready. He's almost there. 

We also are teaching the Trinidad family. We had a good lesson with them this week. They invited us to there sons performance in the other church. We went, but missed it by a minute. But they really were happy we showed up to support him. A couple days later they sat us down and told us they are going to try really hard to find out if this is true. It was a great lesson. They came to church on Sunday. The testimonies were so powerful. It was awesome. However, afterwards in gospel principals, some false doctrine was taught. Basically they are super confused now. So. Pray for them to get an answer. I love that family a lot. 

Also we're teaching a lady named Maritza. She's hilarious. She came to church. It was super funny. She's awesome too. Hopefully she will be baptized this month as well. Pray for her. 

Things seem to be picking up here. We have people to teach and people that are coming to church. They just need a testimony now. And they'll get baptized. It was cool. I spoke to one of my recent converts from Moval too - Johnny. He's been hanging out with one of my other recent converts - David. Both are thinking about missions. David is preparing to get his patriarchal blessing. And David's parents are planning on getting baptized. I love seeing the domino effect. Hopefully it carries on throughout these peoples lives.

Anyways. Love you all. Hope everyone has a great week! You guys are the best. Keep it real.

Love Elder Blomfield. 

Oh yeah. I woke up remembering I have four months left.... weird. I'm scared.

I know this church is true. It's amazing! Love you all!

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