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22 DECEMBER 2014

Hey family!

That's so weird Peter's getting married.... I can't believe it. Good luck dude! So what's the plan? Are you staying for Christmas? If so, I gotta meet her via skype hahaha. SO. just as a heads up. We set up skype with the Garcia family at 10:30 ish in the morning. I don't know what time that is in Canada. I think that's 11:30 if I'm not mistaken. SO. be ready!

I totally get you though Mum. It's been hard to feel the Christmas Spirit this year... like. At times it really does, but it's been so hectic lately, and plus there's no snow. But still, I'm super excited! I hope all goes well with the preception. Haha. I know you've put a lot of work into it. 

Dad the new missionary is named Elder McConkie. He's a super good missionary. He goes home with me. I'm glad you guys seem to be having fun back home. Hopefully things haven't been too busy. Love ya!

Love you Jakey and Charly! Glad school's done for you guys!
Love you Kenna and Izaac!

This week was great. It was different. It feels good to be relieved from all that responsibility. Hahaha.It's exciting to train. It still was a really stressful week though. So the first night I stayed with Elder Romero because he was going to be training too, and we went to the mission office the next day to pick up our new companions!

So. My new companion is Elder Gibson, from Texas! He's so tight! He's an awesome missionary! He's half venazuelan. He's awesome! It was a little bit more of a harder week. We had a lot of meetings at night, trying to get to know the ward, or meetings with our church leaders. So there wasn't too much time to proselyte. But we did manage to find success. 

One lady named Marta came to church with her daughter Aurora which was great. We also are working with a family called the Silvestre family. They are super cool. They sisters that were here before were working with them. The first lesson we had with them was kind of eh... the second one was probably the most spiritual lesson on my mission. We challenged them to baptism for the 19th of January and they accepted, which was a huge step for them. But then the next day they didn't come to church. We don't know why. So we were kind of frustrated. Hopefully we can fix that this week!

I'm excited to skype you guys thursday. It's gonna be great. This week we have all the Christmas partys for the mission. So that's exciting. It's weird because I just hit my 18 month mark too. All this is going way too fast... It's so weird to think about it. 

But I love this work! I'm so happy to be here. I know this is God's church. It's so awesome.

Merry Christmas!
Love Elder Blomfield

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