Wednesday, 18 February 2015

26 JANUARY 2015

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! Sounds great!

Dad! We have like 4 people on date right now. Hopefully it all goes well. I really hope to have some success here. It's cool to see how many people have been prepared down here. In this area we're just struggling to help people move on a certain point. To help them get baptized. That's no good about Neil's tv. Braden emailed me a few weeks ago, wishing me a happy Christmas. I like Braden a lot. He's a cool guy. Yeah gas prices down here are super low too! What's up with that? Probably the end of the world eh? I hope all goes well with Carlos and Lissette. Hopefully they get back. How's Jojo and Aries and all them? Love ya Dad!
Mum! Yes, so I've kind of made a decision. Don't hate me. Hahaha. It's still not firm. I honestly don't know haha. I am still the same prescription! I don't need anything else, thanks mum. I don't know what happens, for some reason all mail sent to our apartment from the mission office doesn't come through. We'll probably call them this week to figure it out. It's still the same address too. That's so exciting about England. How long are you there for again? It's sounds like you guys have a great trip planned out! When does Trent come home? Hope all is well mum, love you lots!
Peter! Just got your email! Yeah things are going well! I'm focused don't worry. I made a determined resolution at the beginning to not be unfocused. Hahaha. I love my mission too. You rocked it last semester man! That's awesome! How's it going this year? How's being married? Love you man! Keep it real!
Charly! So just invite him to all the little things like Church on Sundays. Just casually ask him if he wants to come. Have him come to joint mutual nights and if possible to seminary with you. Then just ask him if he wants to listen to the message the missionaries share. I think you can be pretty open about it. Tell him you wont be hurt either way, and even if he does say no, keep inviting him to dinner, fhe, church and church activities and stuff. Just be super friendly and casual about it. If he really is your friend and really does like you, he wont be offended because he knows it's something important to you. Infact, he should look at it the opposite way. That's my advice. Be bold, not overbearing you know? Hope all goes well char! Love you!

Jake! Hey dude. You stud. So you're hanging out with lots of girls? Man. Hahaha. Who's you're girl right now? I remember tping the rassmussens house. That was so fun. My first time. haha dad was there and helped out, it was great. Love you man! Keep up the good workd!
Kenna! Love you kenna! Thanks for writing me. How's school going? Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I got a few packages from some friends. Some clothes and candy really. Hahaha I'll count them up all just for you kenna! Love ya!
Izaac! Dude! I hope you're doing okay. How's school and basketball. I heard you're making some baskets. I bet I could beat you in basketball! Love you man!
This week was great. So first of all. I got to go back for two baptisms in my old area. Karen and Cristian were two kids we were teaching. They just got baptized. They're so cool! They've really just like changed their lives to do this. It was a great thing to see yesterday. Karen, who was kind of a rebel, got up and bore her testimony afterwards. It was awesome. I love those guys. The parents invited us all back to go eat dinner before we finish our missions. Haha it was really nice.
Also this week I got super sick. That wasn't super fun. I got home one night and after planning just puked everything. It was gross. That whole night was horrible! The next day I like couldn't move hahaha. I was so pathetic. But another missionary was sick too, so we bonded and comforted each other. I tried to go out that night to our appointments but felt like dying so we came back again. The good news is it was only a 24 hour thing so I'm all good now!
My recent convert, Farrah, drove down to take us out to lunch on Saturday. So all four of us missionaries went to go eat which was super fun. It was good to see her too.
We spent a lot of time working with the Trinidad family again. Which was great. It's hard because they didn't come to church this week. Only Wendy did. Their son is still practicing for his show in the other church they attend so yeah. It's a really confusing situation. I love that family a lot though. They're super nice and like us a lot. Just pray for them so all can go well. We gave Ignacia a blessing - she has super bad headaches. When we were done she was crying. I really hope she feels better too.

We saw John this week - the one whose dad passed away. He loves what we share. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and loved it. And accepted baptism for March 1st. Basically because he's going to be out of town in Columbia. But he came to church and loved it. He was tearing up. It was a cool experience. I really love this  work! It's so much fun. I'm way exhausted. But it's a great thing.
Anyways. It's transfers today. So I don't have too much time. I hope you all know this church is true! I love it. I know it's true. Love you guys!
Elder Blomfield

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