Wednesday, 18 February 2015

5 JANUARY 2015

Man. I can't believe you're so grown up Peter! Hahahaha. You're married! Congratulations dude! I'm so happy for you. I really am. I hope you had a great honeymoon. Hahaha. I'm bummed I couldn't be there, but I'm so glad you're married.

I'm glad no one died too. It sounded like Satan really wanted to stop that marriage. Hahaha. Glad you guys are safe though and the snow didn't kill you! You'll be interested to know that I saw snow in California!!! It snowed in some other area, but we had to drive down to a trainer trainee meeting, and on the way we saw tons of cars driving on the highway covered in snow. It was a great sight. 

But congrats again Peter! I'm so happy for you dude! I hope you picked right! That's so weird that Ross is getting married too!! Holy smokes! Everyone's getting married. Charly I swear if you do before I get home I'll be ticked. Haha. Man. So weird. I hope you all had a good time in Utah though. That's great that some of the family and friends could be there. Hahaha how'd things work out with Sam and MAry-Clare? hahah nice picture dad. 

And yes I did buy a new suit. He went with me, but I insisted. Please take that off my money somehow. I don't  know how much I have, but just take it off. I'll figure out how to pay it back otherwise. I'm going to pick it up today. They had to adjust it an what not.

This week was great. We had New years. Basically just consisting of us hanging out with the zone that night. Which was great. Haha we just played basketball. We also had Zone meeting this week. It was super inspirational. I need to dedicate myself more to the work. I have to push harder and do better. Hahaha I get scared sometimes because I look back and feel like I've learned a lot but not changed! Hahaha. I really hope that these last few months are my best. It's cool because I feel like a real missionary training! I hope we have success. We worked hard this week in trying to find more people. We found 8 investigators. only one came to church though which was a little discouraging. His name is Alex. He's pretty cool. 

We got dropped by one of our solid investigators this week. She texted us and said don't call or text me anymore. So that was really sad... that was a hard day. We worked so hard and nothing came from it. But! That's how the mission goes. Hard times make you better. We are excited for this week! We have a lot of things set up that should be great. 

I hope everyone is working hard to keep on God's side. It's super easy to slip. So make sure you're always doing the small simple things of reading, praying, going to church and keeping the commandments. It is the best.

I love you guys to death! Thanks for being the best family in the world! I know this church is God's church. We taught the restoration a lot this week and the Spirit that is present is such a great feeling. It's so peaceful, especially when we talk about the first vision. I know this is all true. This is God's church. Jesus Christ is awesome!

Anyways. Love you all. Keep it real and keep being awesome!
Elder Blomfield.

Also Charly, are you planning on going to Edmonton? 

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