Wednesday, 18 February 2015


What's up family! 

Dad. You had tons of questions. Let me answer them. 1. Biggest Challenge: Tired. 2. Biggest Concern: Helping the Trinidad Family progress to baptism. 3. Biggest success: Having the Trinidad family and Leonel come to church on Sunday. 4. Favourite Person: my companion because he makes me laugh and makes me proud. And Jesus Christ. For obvious reasons. 5. Most significant tender mercy: I didn't die today while scaling down a cliff. 6. Looking forward: teaching my investigators and seeing them grow. 7:  Goal: Have Leonel get his baptismal interview, have the Trinidad family on a firm firm date for baptism. 8. What scripture impacted me?: D&C 101: 16 - be still, and know that I am God. Sounds like a hilarious week dad! Hahaha. I'm glad everyone and everything is going well. Love you!

Mum! Hey thank you so much for sending me the contacts. That is a huge blessing. Thank you haha. So. I really really badly want to room with Ethan Moss. I emailed him and told him to email you back. Would it be possible to hold off another week. I think I have his phone number, but it's at home - I could get it for you next week? I haven't spoken to Josh about it yet, but I'll get Ethan's number to you next week if that's okay? That's awesome you guys went to a flames game! It sounds like you had a great week too. I remember Ice Skating. I love playing hockey! Hahaha. That's awesome they all went. Hey mum. Thanks for everything. I know even on a mission I'm probably still a lot to deal with haha. Love ya!

Peter! Congrats dude on rocking the tests! Sounds like things are going great for you at school! Hahaha that's funny that you passed out. Are you okay? I think that's what usually happens to those out of shape ;). I'm just kidding. That's so cool dude about everything with work. You're gonna go far. I know you guys will figure it out. Thanks for being such a rock solid example to me. Anyways. Love you lots 

Char! I heard you gave a talk this week! That's awesome. And I heard you nailed it. I'm super proud. Hope all is going well for you? How's school/work/mitchell? Love ya!
Jake! Good luck with badminton. You're hairs long. You look like one direction. That's what everyone calls me out here. It's annoying. Anyways. Love you !

Kenna and Izaac! It looks like you had a blast skating! I love skating. Izaac you need to get into hockey now dude! That's where the fun is at! Anyways, love you guys!
This week was great. Really tiring, but super rewarding too. I had a lot of fun.

Probably the best part was just being able to teach people. The Trinidad family is progressing well. They have a soft (very soft) date for march 1st for baptism. I know that's soft. But it's something. And God can work miracles. They did come to church again this week. Sacrament was great. We learned about temples and the Atonement. All very powerful talks. It makes me super happy to be in the church. And I'm glad my investigators were there to watch it. It was cool. Our dinner cancelled Saturday. So the Marquez family invited us over to eat with them. It was a little fun party thing. And the Trinidad's showed up. It was awesome. It's great to see the members of the ward taking over. I love it. 

We also had some other cool experience. We taught some powerful lessons with John's mum which was great. We also had two guys invite us in to teach and then bash on us the whole time. And try to trick us with our words. It was a great experience for Elder Gibson haha. It was the first time it's happened to us while we've been together. 

Also we taught Leonel again. He relapsed last Sunday. So we gave him a blessing and what not. He's really wanting to change. He hasn't been drinking, hopefully he continues on. It's been a huge change seeing as he has been a drinker his whole life. He came to church too which was awesome. It was a really cool experience.

Things are going super well here. I'm glad to be training. It's been a good experience and my companion has been a boss. 

Hope all is well back home. Oh yeah today we went hiking as a zone. it was a mess. Two elders got lost without a phone hahahaha. Or not lost but separated. We spent the whole time looking for him. Also I scaled a mountain and tried to go down a different way and got stuck. And had to just slide down. It was great. I'm all cut up.  Anyways. Love you all! 

I know this is God's work. SO keep it up back home. Honestly there is no better feeling than being in the service of God.  Love ya!
Elder Blomfield

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