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16 MARCH 2015

Hey. Charly. Happy Birthday. I totally remembered it was your birthday yesterday. I promise. But it was Sunday so alas I could not write you. And happy birthday to you dad! Next week hey? What is that your 57th? Happy 57th birthday! Sounds like everyone had a busy and stressful week.

And to hear about Grandad. Man. I'm glad he's okay though... how long will he be in the hospital for? How did they find out? That's hard about them not going to Mexico though.

Dad! Sounds like you had a blast in Mexico. Everything seemed to fall apart when you left apparently. How was it leaving the work team behind? I love Mexico so much. I think the culture is so cool. I'm so jealous you guys got to go. It sounds like you had a blast. How's Mike Nelson and the family doing now? That's awesome about Jojo. I hope all is going well with him. He's such a nice man. And also I'm offended about you comment about temples. I'm so glad Tanner came back. My goal is getting him on a mission. I love him a lot. And yeah God keeps sending me back! Which is okay because I love this area so much. Love you Dad! Keep it real.

Mum! That under the sea experience sounds pretty tight. I had a dream last night about how all these crazy animals were chasing us. And we filmed it. It was crazy. What was your favourite part of Mexico? That's crazy about Tanner. I'm glad he's coming back. I miss Tanner a lot. I hope he gets back on track. Ah. How did Mitchell respond to Grandad inviting him to get baptized haha.? It sounds like everyone is doing so well with the missionary efforts. I'm so proud of everyone. That's so awesome! Also, before I forget, I had a question about school. Do I need endorsements or signing up or anything to get that ready. I talked to Moss or Ethan today. I don't exactly know what's up. He said he got a job on the opposite side of campus which is the only thing holding him back. If he can't that's okay, I will make other friends. also I have other friends there.  Love you Mum! You're the best.

Peter! Hopefully all goes well with Courtney's new job. Let me know. How are things for you mate? It must be weird being married hey? It's weird I have a married brother. Keep doing well in school. That's so awesome. God's blessed you a ton. Yeah I hope to see you in Canada too. It'll be good to catch up after 4 years ;). How often do you guys go to the temple? Love you man.

Charly. Happy Birthday again you punk. I remember when I was 17. It's so weird to think you're growing up. How was it. What did you get? So I heard Mitchell went to church this week with you? What's the boy situation like for you? How is he taking everything? Love you keep it up!
Jake. I heard you made the badminton team. Nice job! You're on fire. How are things going in regards to school like with grades and everything? Hope all is going well. How are things with church, seminary and all that. Write me back fool. Love you, and keep up the good work!
Kenna and Izaac, you guys are the best!

Hope everyone has a good time in England!

This week was great. It was weird getting doubled in again. But it was good because I know the area pretty well and know a lot of the members. yesterday at church they all came up to me and were surprised I came back. They thought I'd already finished my mission hahaha. I love this ward a lot. It's really awesome.

We had a good week. We taught a lot of lessons and are trying to make things happen. We are teaching this one girl named Yvette. She's 10 and is the granddaughter of some members. She's really cool. She didn't come to church this week because her dad took her out, but she's getting baptized on the 29th. We're super excited for her. She's cool.

We also are teaching someone named Elias. He's pretty cool. He's the husband of a recent convert. He's come to church in the past. We went over the first night and had a good discussion with him and he told us he'll be baptized within the next couple months. We'll get him earlier though haha. He came to church on Sunday. He's really cool.

Also we are teaching a guy named Diego. He's pretty cool. He's 10. His whole family are members, we're just waiting on permission from the Dad. He's going over today to talked to him. Hopefully he'll be baptized soon! Pray for them.

It's great because I share the exact same building that I had when I was in English ward. I get to see all my recent converts and it's an awesome feeling. I love it so much. I really love all the things going on here. It's so cool. I'm excited too because this week I get to go back to a baptism for Abraham on Wednesday. Also my old investigators from my last area are still progressing well. So for that I'm super grateful. I'm around my old companion Elder Thurman too. He's training in the stake. It's awesome.

Anyways. Things are going great. I love this work a lot. Nothing has made me happier. Hope all is well back home! Keep it up. The church is true and it's the best! Love you guys.

Elder Blomfield

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