Saturday, 11 April 2015

2 MARCH 2015

Hey family so this week was hopping. As they say. We had a blast. Actually today we went hiking again. It was really cool. It was super cool because as we got to the top, the clouds set in. So it looked way cool. And then it starting raining pretty hard. So that was cool too.
Dad! Thanks for reminding me about my flight time. Punk. That's so weird. Yeah. I've been super blessed with awesome siblings. I love them. It'll be weird to have a new one now I guess. I'm excited to meet her though. Hopefully Peter and Courtney will be able to come up in Summer. It'll be weird not seeing him for four years. Haha. Why are you guys going to Mexico again? Hope all is well. love you dad!
Mum! Hahaha Izaac has got a temper. I was telling my companion about how I used to be real bad before hahaha. It was funny. That's good he's growing up all tough though. A real man. That's awesome that you all got up to share your testimony. I've grown to love that a lot more on my mission. And I'm glad Jake get's on well with the missionaries. I think that's super important he's got good role models. I'm glad your calling is going great too. That sounds like a ton of fun. Love you mum! You're the best.
Peter. Hope all goes well stud!
Char. Hope all is going well in school/seminary and what not. You still never answered me!!! What happened to bro. Matthews. Where's he at? Keep up the good work. No Boys! Love ya!
Jake. That's cool you had Lindsey over for a lesson. How'd it go dude? Keep being an awesome missionary. I wish I was that good before. I never had that fire before leaving. I don't think I even went out with the missionaries. Keep it up. Get her baptized hahaha. Good luck on Badminton too!
Kenna and Izaac! Hope you guys are doing great! Love you all.

This week was great. Our investigator John got back from Columbia. Which was awesome. We taught him again. We went through the word of wisdom again with him. He's been having some struggles with that. So we're trying to help him out. But it was good to see him again.
Leonel also got confirmed this week. Which was awesome. I got to give it which was great. It was so cool to see him afterwards because he came up all teary eyed. It was super spiritual. Then he prayed in Sunday school. It's awesome. I love it.
We've been working a lot with the Trinidad family. We had a family home evening with them this week which was hilarious. We played charades. They're are progressing slowly but surely. We had a pretty down to earth chat with them this week. The mum (Ignacia) told us she believes it's true. Wendy is still waiting for an answer. Ah. They're so close yet so far. I really hope this week we see miracles again.
We also taught Abraham Iglesias. He's going to get baptized for sure next month. He came to church again, which was cool. He's a cool guy. He's got tons of pet animals. His Dad is getting active again which is great. It's cool to see him show up to church in a white shirt and tie. It's a really cool feeling. I love this work.
Other than that, we had multizones. It was awesome. I learned a lot. A lot of things I need to improve about myself and some things that I need to do to focus myself better. It's weird I have such a short time left.
But. All is well. I love this work. It's the best. It's been such a great experience. I know this church is true. Hope everyone else does too!
Love ya!

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