Saturday, 11 April 2015

23 FEBRUARY 2015

Hey family. 

Dad! 1. Being patient with myself. 2. Leonel's baptism 3. Leonel's baptism 4. Leonel was probably. He made me laugh a ton in sacrament. You'd have to know him but it was just hilarious. 5. God led us to a family that's been lest active. In a way it was a tender mercy for both us and them. 6. Multi-zones and teaching. 7. Our goal is to have 9 people at church and 9 people on date for baptism by the end of the week. 8. Book of Enos.

SOunds like the flames are doing great. I ran into a guy wearing a ducks jersey the other night. He was telling my how they one 6-3. I was like against who? He's like, the flames. Dangit. Haha. That's awesome Izaac was there. I loved going to those games! You guys are the best. I think going to the temple that frequently is super important. You're going to Mexico? Dang. Love ya! Have a good week!

Thanks for taking care of everything for me mum! Hopfully he signs up. If not, still thank you! I know I put you through a lot haha. That's awesome you went skiing, you sound like a pro! I remember going with Ben that one time. I don't think I've laughed harder in my life. Hahaha it was a challenge for each of you, but as a family that would be amazing as well. That sounds awesome! A big ball. That sounds super fun. Do you know how to dance mum? I out danced a clown on my mission. It was great. Hey. Thanks for being the best Mum ever. The package came by the way. My eyes feel great now thank you so much hahaha. Love you lots mum, you're the best. 

Peter! That's an awesome calling! That's so weird you have a sister in law. So do I. That's messed up. It is true. People freak out about it all the time. It seems like it's getting worse and worse how people are leaving now. I think the truly elect and truly committed are being sifted. It's true. We just need to focus on those things relevant for us. Just do whats right and always remember the small things. What do you and Courtney do for FHE? Do you guys have family scripture study and prayers? If not. Repent punk. Love you man!

Charly! Hey how's Mitchell? Did you tell him I'm going to beat him up? Love you Char! keep it up!

Jake! that's awesome your friend is taking discussions! What do her parents think of it? That's so cool dude! Keep being a missionary, it's the best. Love you man. Good luck in chem 20 and all other things you have going on!
Kenna and Izaac! I heard you guys went skiing! That's awesome! Keep it up, love you guys. Keep being awesome! 

This week was awesome. It was hard but fun! SO. First of all. One of our investigators called us I think Tuesday or Wednesday. She told us her tire had popped on the side of the highway. And she'd been there for hours. So we went to the rescue. And we spent two hours trying to get the tire off. (you would have thought changing tires for 3 summers would've taught me something. I guess not) Then we went back to the car, and it was dead. Hahaha. It was funny. It gave us sometime to talk with her about baptism which is good and found out it something she wants to do. There's still a lot of barriers to overcome though. But it was good. Eventually a truck came and fixed her tire (we didn't really have the right tools hahaha) and gave us a jumpstart. It was great. 

The rest of the week was great. We started teaching a family from chile/mexico. It was pretty cool. They are a super nice family. Also we picked up another investigator named Abraham. His family are inactive members. They were very active a while before but work got in the way. We finally got in to teach the family. The dad has been thinking of coming back. And he did this Sunday with his 9 year old son Abraham. Abraham will be baptized on the 18th of March. we're stoked. 

Oh. And to top it all off this week Leonel got baptized. It was great. It was cool to have my first baptism with Elder Gibson. When Leonel came back after being baptized it was cool to see him with tears in his eyes. It was a very great experience. I love baptism. It's such a great thing. He's changed a ton. 40 years of drinking and he's stopped. It's cool. All you gotta do is hand yourself over to God and He'll change things that are  impossible to change alone. 

Also the Trinidad family came to church. We had some powerful lessons this week. Tonight we're going over to do family home evening! Hope all goes well!
Love you all and thanks for your support!

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