Saturday, 11 April 2015

23 MARCH 2015

Hey Fam! Hope all goes well in England. Looks like you're all having a blast. I can't really talk because I am figuring all my classes out for school!! Joy! I forgot what a headache that stuff is hahaha.

Things went well this week. We went to the temple which was amazing. It was really spiritual. And we're working with a lady named Claudia - hopefully she will get baptized soon!! She just needs to get married. Unfortunately Yvette's baptism got set back due to some complications. But that's okay we'll work through it. Just keep praying for them. We have a lot of good things set up this week. 

Also I twisted my ankle playing soccer today. Lame.

Hope all is going well back home. Love you all. Hopefully Grandad gets out of the hospital soon! Definitely will be praying for him. 

OH. Also Abraham got baptized this week. I got to go back for it. And his dad was the one that did it. That was so cool to see. Love you all!

Elder Blomfield

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