Saturday, 11 April 2015

6 APRIL 2015

Hey family. 

Man. It feels SOO good to get that lame school stuff out the way. Now I don't have to worry about it. It sounds like you all had a blast in England! Hows the family doing? Everyone looks so old in the pictures! It's so weird haha.

This week was super hectic. We had so many meetings! I think I've already told you how much I hate meetings right? Man. But it was good! We had cool things happening. We went around talking to everyone about Because He Lives - the new video the church put out, and seemed to have a lot of success. We found tons of new investigators. My favourite was a guy named Fransisco. Elder Wilkes wanted to go see a potential and honestly I didn't really feel like going haha. we went by, and she wasn't home, but her brother was. So we shared a message with him (he's 18). He said he got the chills in the lesson. We told him that was the Spirit and invited him to be baptized. So he said  he would on the 26th of April. It was pretty cool. He prayed at the end of the lesson and then when he finished was like "can I do that at night before I go to bed?". We told him no obviously. It was funny. And super spiritual. It was just a cool moment. Moments like that make me not want to ever stop. It's so cool.

We also are working with Fernando - the grandson of a member. We went over, and originally the mum said she wants him baptized in June, so we talked to her about it. She said he can get baptized this upcoming Saturday. So he came to conference with us and got his interview done! Just pray all works out well for the baptism this week!

It was cool too. After conference on Sunday we got invited over for lunch by some members, the Bowers, in the English ward I used to serve in - because it's the same area. We went over and our recent converts were there - Martha, Maria, Irma, Gabby, and Adriana and Emily. It was super cool to see them all again. I really love that family a lot. 

But yeah! Keep up the good work back home. That's awesome Jake that you're "friend" Lindsey is taking the discussions. How does she feel about church, baptism, etc. Does she go at all with you? Also has she talked to her mum about baptism yet? 

I hope you're all good from the jet lag. Doesn't sound fun that you guys have to get back to school/work. I bet you're all swamped with stuff to do.

Dad. My favourite talk was those two as well. And I really liked the one afterwards by Pres. Uchtdorf on grace. They were all super spiritual. And yeah! I thought that was nuts that some people opposed the prophet. I was hoping something was gonna go down! The rest of it was really good too. I really liked the talks at conference. I feel like Pres. Monson's sick though - he didn't talk much. I always feel bad though. By the last session of conference I'm spiritually drained haha and I don't get as much as I would like out. Love ya! Goodluck at work!

Mum! I hope you recover from jet lag quick! The area's going great. Super busy all the time. Which is good. Everything else is going well too! Just praying for some miracles to happen with our investigators. Conference was way good. As they say. I loved it. How is it having the missionaries teach in the home? What are they like? It's cool everyone's being a missionary. That's what it's all about. Love you mum!

Pete! Thanks dude for helping me out on all the school stuff. I know I kind of put pressure to help me out, and I know you're probably super busy. But thanks. It should be all good now! I'm sorry school's been so stressful. When is it over? The end of this month right? Hopefully all your tests go well dude. Good luck. When will you know about your green card? Love you dude! As well when will you find out about you interviews if you got into the program?

Char and Jake! hope you guys are doing well. You guys both look like models. Keep it up. Love you!

Kenna and Izaac! Hope you guys had fun in England! You look so old! Love you guys!

ANYWAYS. Have a good week getting back into things. Hopefully it all goes well. And if it doesn't, just remember Christ is with you, so it's okay. 

Love you all!
Elder Blomfield. 

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