Saturday, 11 April 2015

9TH MARCH 2015

Hey family. So this week was really awesome! It was really sad though.
Dad. Why are you guys in Mexico again? Just for vacation? Super jealous by the way! Mexico is way nice. What part are you at? I feel like you guys just decided to get in as many vacations as you could before I got back. I get it. Yeah I'm super proud of Jakob too! It's so awesome to see my siblings being better missionaries than most full time haha. Yeah we had some at church. we had 4 investigators in total. Things have really picked up in this area. The last baptism in this area besides Leonel was about a year ago. So we're really excited so see it going again. Love you dad! Hope all is well!
Mum! Hope all is going well in Mexico. That's awesome about the temple. How many temples are in Preston. How long are you guys planning to stay over there? What's the plan? How long are you guys in Mexico for? And hey, my hair was a precious gift. I'm sure Sampson was kind of annoyed too when Delilah cut his.... I think I had a right. It's so cool that Jake's being a missionary. I'm glad the Elders there are cool. I remember that I never did that. And I wish I did. It would've prepared me so much.
Peter! hope all is going well my brother! Love you dude, keep it real in school! Love you man!
Charly! That's cool. What happened to Mitchell? You player. I hope all is going well. I love Brother Matthews. He was so awesome. I hope he's doing good. Glad you got my letter. Love you a lot Charly! You're the best! Thanks for being the best! Love you!!
Jake! That's awesome that you're sharing the gospel. I think that's so important! How are things going? When do tryouts end? How's school? Work? I hope all goes with the missionaries. You better be a missionary man. You would be a great missionary!! Love you!
Kenna and Izaac. Keep it up! Love you guys to death. Keep it up and have a good week!

So. We knew it was our last week together. So we decided to go as hard as we could. Our goal was 70 lessons. We didn't reach that. Like not really even close. But that's okay. We had the best week together as far as lessons and what not go. It was awesome. We did a lot of splits. I was so proud of Elder Gibson, he set everything up for the week.
It was sad too. We got the calls on Saturday. Elder Gibson was assigned to be a district leader. Which is awesome because that never happens for Spanish missionaries after 3 months of being trained. He's a stud. I'm really glad I got to serve with him. We've had a blast. He's gonna be a super great missionary. He already is. I'm going to La Sierra in De Anza ward. Hahaha that was the ward I was born in. And when I was in English is was the exact same area I'm covering now, but just in English. I share the same building as my old ward. I'm so happy in that sense. It's a great ward. I think I have some unfinished business there. I'm a zone leader again. My companion's named is Elder Wilkes. He's a super cool missionary. He's really young so I'm super excited to be with him.
This week was cool because we had some super improvements with the Trinidad family. Basically we had a really bomb lesson with them with an Hermano in the ward. Hermano Ruiz. We watched finding faith and Christ and talked about it. It was really spiritual. The dad was crying. They went to church again this week and Gabriel and Wendy came to a baptism afterwards. It was a very spiritual baptism. It was great.
We also spent a lot of time teaching Abraham. He's getting for sure baptized on the 18th. We announced it in church yesterday. We're so excited. He's so cool. He has a bunch of animals and we were playing with them last time we went over. It was great. He's a cool guy. His dad is getting active again which is awesome.
Also with John who came back from Columbia we had a bomb lesson. We went to teach about the word of wisdom. He's dropped drugs, alcohol, smoking. He struggles with coffee. We talked about it was him. Halfway through the lesson we asked him if he even wants to stop. He said no. It was weird because as soon as he said that, the Spirit entered in super strong. He told us his concerns, about how he feels separated from God, and by the end of the lesson he just looked broken and he looked up and was like, I need to stop. It was super powerful. He hasn't had coffee since then. Super proud of him.
So all in all I'm super sad to leave this area. There were a lot of cool people that I met. I'm so glad I got to come here and serve with Elder Gibson. It's been awesome. The church is super true. Keep it real.
Elder Blomfield.
Ps. I'll send more pictures next week of all the things we did. I forgot my camera.

                                                      This is the Ruiz family. They're tight.

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