Saturday, 2 May 2015

13 APRIL 2015

Hey family!

I'm sorry to hear everyone's dying back home.... that's no good. At least it was after the holidays. I hope everyone is feeling better this week.

Dad. I mean I already spoke to you. I guess I can respond to your letter. It's true what you said though! You can leave the church, but you can't leave the church alone. It will always be there haha.  As well for Granddad. I hope he's doing okay. Everyone's falling to bits back home it seems like! Anyways. I already wrote you a letter. Love ya dad! You're the best.

Mum! I'm glad you kicked the jet lag. I'm sorry everyone's so sick. The picture even still looks pretty bad haha. I hope she's okay, I feel bad for her. I feel so bad for Mitchell. Poor guy! I remember when I was younger and had "girlfriends" and obviously didn't telly you guys, and they dumped me. Man. I was so heartbroken. Hopefully he bounces back. That's a creative way she responded though. And yeah I'd love to write to the little ninos in primary. I'll send a separate little paragraph.I'm glad things are going well for Trent. That's so cool that he served a mission. In high school I didn't think he would. That's so awesome. Tell him I love him. Anyways, love you mum! Keep being a superstar back home!

Peter! That's tight you nailed that presentation thing. You'll be such a good lawyer. Lying and making things up on the fly. It's good that lair and lawyer sound similar. But good job dude. That's awesome you'll be working. Are things looking good for your jobs? I'm glad you're putting God first. I really like that. I want that to be my main focus in life - putting God first. Mosiah 2:41. I'm glad things are working out. Thanks for being a solid example. Love you man!

Charly! I heard you broke up with Mitchell! Man. I was just starting to like him too. He's probably so sad right now. Man. I heard about how you responded to Reed. That's pretty cool. Don't kiss him. Okay? Haha I hope things are going well apart from all that. Love you char!
Jake. Dude. When do you turn 16? July right? Go out with the missionaries then. I never did it before. It's the best and it'll prepare you so much for you're own mission. You better go on a mission. Anyways. Love you dude! Nice job getting Lindsie to church. Think you can baptize her before I get back? Love ya!

Kenna. I saw you're eye. I hope you're okay. Love you! get better soon!

Izaac. DUDE. I haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you're doing okay buddy! love ya!

Anyways. This week was great. It was another busy week. It went by so quick. It was cool because Fernando got baptized this week. I sent a picture with all the missionaries that taught him. There were a lot more, but they all went home. It was really cool. We were super nervous about everything because in the past a lot of problems kept getting brought up by the family, but everything went super smooth. It was an awesome experience. 

We had another cool experience this week. Well. A bunch. We started teaching a family - Alfredo is the dad and Cesar is his son. We invited them to be baptized. Alfredo was like "Yeah! Also, my son and my daughter aren't baptized, can they get baptized too?" we were like sure. And put him on date for may 3rd. It was cool because that was our first lesson. But when we went back we think he had spoken to his wife, and he said no, he was catholic. It was sad. 

But, there's a little boy we've been working with named Diego. I haven't spoke much about him. He's active, his mum's active and his family, he just didn't have permission from his dad. Anyways. We've been trying to help them get permission. The mum, Paloma, came up to us on Sunday and told us he's got permission! So he's getting baptized on may 3rd so her sister can come. We're so happy. Also another lady named Irma showed randomly up to church. We're going to start teaching her this week. It's going to be awesome. So a lot of good things are happening. I really hope I don't get transferred out. It's the last week of the transfer. I want to stay one more!

Other than that things are going super well. We've picked up a few families and are trying to help them along. One of my recent converts, Cristian, in the English ward out here just turned 12 and got the priesthood yesterday. Also Jacob, the husband of Jessica who we taught and baptized a while ago, passed the sacrament this passed Sunday in the English ward. It makes me so happy. I love it so much. 

I can't wait to see all these people in God's kingdom. It's gonna be such a cool day. I love being a missionary. It's literally the best thing I've ever done. 

Anyways. Gotta go!

Love you all!

Oh yeah and the picture of the cats was because some cat had babies outside on our front porch. It was pretty cool. We gave her milk because she was missing an ear. But she got scared and ran away and later came back for her kids. Also we played with wolf puppies this week. Pure wolves. One of them peed on me, but it was super cool. 

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