Sunday, 3 May 2015

20 APRIL 2015

Hey family. Nice play by play to the flames. I felt like I was right there!! Hahah I miss hockey! Every time I talk about it down here, they shut me down by telling me the Cup's in LA. We need to get it back to where it belongs ;) 

Hahaha. Where did the Flames sit in there standing when they entered?

Anyways. Thanks for writing! 

Dad. Glad you're mostly better, and sorry you have so much to deal with. I guess that's what you get when you go to the Caribbean, Mexico and England right in a row without me. Hahaha. But I really hope Granddad is feeling better. When should he be up and running again? That's awesome you're going to be leaders there! That'll be so much fun. Man. Jealous. I'm glad that there was a baptism too. That's so awesome. Hopefully the ward gives a lot of support. I'm glad they have so far! Anyways. Love you dad. Keep it up and good luck with work!

Mother. What's up? So you're going to hate me. But I forgot to get a picture with the Primary. I wrote it down and everything, but yesterday was crazy - there were tons of non-members at church. And I totally forgot. So I thoroughly apologize. I can write another little bit though. That sounds like a blast - everyone doing the Primary Talent show. And that's awesome that you're reaching out to others. That's so cool. Good luck with the puppets haha. It's weird to think think Ross is almost married. Man. So quick. Has Becky married Scott yet? And that's cool that Mitch is home. Weird. Anyways. Love you mum! You're the best and again I'm sorry about the Primary picture. I totally spaced. And yes, the address should be fine.

Peter! I know you're probably swamped with work and school and everything right now. So I'll just say good luck and I hope all is well. Own those finals! Love ya!

Charly. Hey. SO what happened to Mitchell? Poor guy!  Good luck with homework. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that either ;). Keep it up. Love you, Char!
Jake. You're a punk. i didn't know you can dance and sing. But I guess with that Justin Beiber hair it would make sense... How's school going for you dude? And Lindsey? What's the sitch? (situation). Love you dude. Keep it up!

Kenna. I didn't know you could make brownies. That's pretty cool! Mum tells me you're going to be showing everyone how you make them and play the piano. That's pretty cool. Keep working on your talents! Is it fun to have mum in Primary? Love ya!

Izaac. I heard you're showing everyone your talent of skiing? That's super cool dude! I hope that goes well! And I heard you're making a temple of lego? One time I made a temple of sugar cubes. It was tasty. Love you dude!
So this week was pretty cool. I look back and it was such a blur I don't even remember what happened. It's horrible. 

We had a ward activity where we watched the movie meet the mormons. It was cool to get some investigators there. We had like 7 show up. A family of five (the Jayat family) showed up. They're super cool. They didn't come to church because they had previous commitments, but it was cool to see them there and how much the ward cared for them too. They said they'll be there next week. 

Also things are looking good for Diego. He should be getting baptized soon. Also we went out and bought a calender for Claudia and showed the the dates she could get married and told her to pick. It was pretty funny. After that we had a super powerful lesson on the families. I really hope she gets baptized soon!

We started teaching another family. It's a part member family. The boy turns nine soon and the wife isn't a member. Well. She's not really a wife because they're not married. But yeah. Anyways. The son, Angel, is down to get baptized. So that was a cool experience. They didn't show up to church though, we don't know why. 

My good friend Christian passed the sacrament yesterday for the first time. He called us over because he had some friends he wanted us to visit, and he wanted me to give him a tie for his first time passing. It was super cool. As well, Karen, Christian's sister, has been working with her friend who they told me is getting baptized next week. It's so cool to see your efforts going beyond what you did. If that make sense. Basically to see someone change, and in return, change someone else. It's awesome. It's a huge domino effect. I love it. 

A girl named Leslie came to church this week who we've been teaching. She's pretty cool. It was an awesome church service yesterday. We had an outgoing missionary to Tonga, and an incoming missionary from Honduras (the missionary I saw leave when I was here at the beginning of my mission). It was really powerful. At the end, we all sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. It was so powerful. Leslie loved it and was apparently crying. She said she's coming next week. It was awesome. I love the gospel. 

Anyways. that's all I really remember that has happened. OH. And Fernando's mum wants us to teach her now. She felt the Spirit at his baptism and now wants to listen to us. It's awesome!
Love you all. Hope everything goes well. I know this is all true. And it's so great.

Have a great week! 

Elder Blomfield

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