Sunday, 3 May 2015

27 APRIL 2015

Hey family! Sounds like everyone had a great week this week. Our's was pretty fulfilling! We had some really good things happening, and some lame things too... I guess that's part of the deal though. But It was overall an awesome week!

Dad. Sounds like you had a blast at the Flames game. I'll never forget when we went when they faced the ducks. They lost the season, but it was awesome when the scored one in overtime. That atmosphere is incredible! I'm jealous you got to go. Hopefully they go all the way this year. That would be nice. That's awesome that Jojo came in with his family. I bet he's off the wall excited. I'm so happy for them. I'll keep them in my prayers. I really hope they're doing okay. I sent Grandma an email a while ago, but they didn't respond. I hope they got it. Anyways. Love you dad! Keep being awesome. 

Mum! You had like a billion questions. Haha I'm okay with whatever you decide. It's fine with me. Haha. I think Josh gets back in like a week or so. That's cool Becky and Scott are still dating. They should just get married. Everyone's doing it (including my ex-companions). I'm glad the primary presentation was a success. It sounds like everyone in the ward is good. But it sounds like it's changed a ton. You'll have to help me remember everyone's names. It's cool about the whole signs of the times. I really think it's coming soon. That'll be so cool. But yeah. It's funny because a family I went too was really talking about that too the other day at dinner. Anyways. Love you mum. You are the best!
Peter! That's tight school's done. That sounds good, I'll just contact my teacher then. So are you in Boston for that little program thing? How is everything dude? What's it like being married? Hope you're doing well. Glad you had a good semester and that you did so well. Hopefully next year should be equally as good.

Char! I heard you got your wedding dress. I mean prom dress. Sorry. I literally meant to write prom, but I can't be bothered to go back and change it. Or grad. Or whatever it is. Anyways. Congrats. That's super awesome. Hope all is well! Love ya!
Jake. You stud. Get that count down off. Punk. Good luck with your choir performance. You'll have to sing for me one day haha. That's great Lyndsie's good. How's her progress in the church going? Love you!

Kenna. Would you like to learn Spanish one day? It's a pretty cool language. I'm glad you're doing better. I heard you were super sick but that's awesome you recovered. You're already being a missionary which is awesome. Anyways. keep up being awesome Kenna. Love you!

Izaac. Dude. That's super funny about how you drove your car off at the end haha. Sounds like you're doing a lot of activities. You better score a lot of goals this year! But yeah dude. I'd have to agree with mum... you should probably eat more that one vegetable. You're going to be an awesome missionary one day. Love you!

So. This week was cool. So first of all on of my old companion's, Elder Maxfield, is getting married. He came down to go to a wedding reception of another return missionary that was in the mission, and while he was here he stopped by to say hi. Also Elder Romero was with him. It was pretty cool. I got special permission to go out to lunch with him which was cool. He gave me his marriage announcement.... may 22nd. Everyone likes to get married without me I guess hahaha. 

Also we had a whole bunch of service that we did. We did helping hands and a lot of other stuff. IT was really fun. We had some really awesome miracles with some baptisms some Elder's were having in the zone, which was awesome. 

I was so stoked at church this week. The family, the Jayat family, came to church with us. It was so awesome. I was kind of nervous because it was fast Sunday for us. But everything went okay. When we sat with the parents in gospel principles we were talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost. I looked over during the class and the Hermana had tears in her eyes. It was super spiritual. I really loved it. It was so awesome. I hope they progress. We left them with a Book of Mormon and came over to see how there reading was going, she's being writing questions and taking notes in the sides. It was great. 

The sad part is that we had a baptism lined up for next week, Diego, but it fell through. Or it was delayed at least. Next week is stake conference and yeah.... the mum, who is super cool, came up to us in church and told us we would have to push it back to May 17th so the whole ward could come. It was sad. But I understand too. But we were asked to teach some of the Primary yesterday. Two of the kids stole our badges and wanted pictures with us. It was funny. They wanted to wear our back packs and everything. Actually Diego's in the picture I sent. And also the other picture is of my old companions and Diego's family. And some other people. It was fun. 

Apart from that things are going really well. My goal is to baptize this family by the end of the transfer. They are pretty cool... Hopefully all goes well. Anyways. That was pretty much our week. I feel like I'm forgetting stuff, but I can't really remember. It's been so awesome though. I love it. It's such a rewarding feeling, serving. I've had so many awesome experiences that I'll never forget. It's definitely been the biggest blessing in my life, serving a mission. 

Anyways. Love you all! have a great week! 

Elder Blomfield

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