Tuesday, 2 June 2015

18 MAY 2015

Hey family. So this week was great! We saw a lot of miracles, and had a lot of awesome experiences. Super TIGHT.

Anyways. Before all that. Sounds like you guys had a good week down in Idaho. Without Charly and Jake. Dad. We're doing what we can with the Jayat family. Such an awesome family! I'm so stoked for them there progressing a ton! Sounds like you guys had a blast this last weekend. Haha and I think I read those books a long time ago.... maybe. I can't remember. At least something like that. Hope things are well, love ya dad!

Mum! that's awesome you get to go on the Joseph Smith Encampment! I'm super jealous. Do you know who's in your group at all? What do you get to do on the camp, I don't think I ever went to one of those. I just did the trek. That's awesome you got the tv down there too. Sounds like everything's going super well! Also that's nuts the Ross got married. And ya Marissa's owning it out there - I can't believe she's halfway... weird. Anyways. Love you mum! 

Pete! Dude. Have fun in Boston. Big deal. 

Charly. No boys.

Jake. dude. Hope everything's cool.

Kenna and Izaac. I hope you liked the cabin!!

Anyways. This week was pretty cool like I said. Diego got baptized, first of all. It was a super great experience. Pretty cool. There were tons of people there (including the Jayat family). I don't think I'll ever get tired of baptisms. They're so amazing. It's such a spiritual experience. One of the missionaries that came back to see the baptism came from my old area in Moval. And came with my recent convert, Johnny. It was so good to see him. Man. He's so awesome. He's working on his papers right now, apparently, and said he should be good to go in the beginning of fall or end of summer. I'm so happy for him. He's one of my pride and joys the my mission. I love him so much. He's changed so much too. When I first met him he had super long hair, earrings and everything. Not that that's a bad thing or anything. But little by little he's cut his hair, taken out his earrings, etc. Obviously not anything bad before, but he's shown how he's changed over time. It's been awesome.

Other cool things.... we got in a car accident again. Basically after a district meeting we were backed up and about to leave but one of the other elder's was blocking the way with his car. Another elder got in his car to back out, and while he did another elder ran in and threw water of him. SO the missionary driving jumped, accidentally leaving the car in reverse. We had no space to move and were hit twice by the empty car. Man. Missionaries are so dumb. We all went to cheesecake factory afterwards and bought cheesecake.

I've grown to have a deeper love for the bible this week. I started reading the old testament in Spanish. It's super good. I really love the scriptures. They're so cool!

Also we have been working super hard with the Jayat family. They came to church again. we went over with the Bishop the other day. Also they are taking us out to eat this week. They're so so so close. Ahh. It's so frustrating. I just want them all to get baptized. It's such an awesome family. They were going to go to the young men's camp this week, but it was cancelled due to rain. (that never happens down here). So yeah. Pray for them. We had a bomb lesson on the Atonement and Sacrament on Sunday. I really hope they get baptized. They're so close!

Also we had a funny experience. Two. At the beginning of my mission I baptized a lady in this area. She never got confirmed. She wouldn't answer us or anything and always avoided us and yeah. Well she moved and so I thought I wouldn't see her again. But I saw her the other day. I called out to her and she ran off. But I felt bad because I couldn't tell God I did everything with her until I had a talk with her about why she stopped coming. So we used our creeping skills which we have developed over the mission and found out where she lived. Last night we went over... she was "asleep" so we taught her son instead and picked him up as a new investigator. It's great.

Also we were on exchanges, and I was out of my area. And we were at the church teaching a lesson, and some dude comes by and asks for a triple. He's like kind of old. Anyways. We became best friends. But he has some weird views. And wouldn't shut up. For about an hour. And we tried to get him to go - even by telling him we were in the middle of an appointment. But he kept going on about everything. He's not a member. And he kind of bashed a little or told us he doesn't think we are right. (he just wanted a Pearl of Great Price because he's writing a book from Cain's perspective of things). But he couldn't give us a straight answer. It was so weird. 

But yeah. That was my week. We had a lot of other things. A girl we're teaching named Victoria came to church too.... hopefully she'll get baptized before I go.  She's really awesome.

Also I saw my boy (Elder Gibson) today. We had a mission crossfit. It was cool to see him. We went out to lunch after. He's awesome. 

So that was my week. I love being a missionary and I love the gospel. I know it's true and I'm so happy to be apart of it!!

Have a great week. and Be good. 

Love Elder Blomfield 

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