Tuesday, 2 June 2015

25 MAY 2015

Hey family. Gosh. I am so tired. It's great.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. It was a holiday so everything was closed. 

Dad! Yeah the car accident was pretty funny. And stupid haha. We had to take the car in yesterday to switch it out. That's awesome. I just finished DyC in spanish about a month ago. But yeah. They challenged us to read the BOM and highlight certain things about Christ. I'm reading it in Spanish. I love that book. Sounds like Jojo is doing awesome. I'm so glad he's with his family. I can't wait till they get sealed either. Man that'll be such a cool day. Hey Love you Dad! Hope all goes well and see you soon haha.

Mum! Yes. to answer your question haha. If there was any way to get on to that encampment I would be so down to go. Tell charly grad is overrated and she shouldn't go. Sounds like everything has been so busy! That's awesome though that you've been sharing and doing missionary work. What does she think about the church? Thanks for being an awesome Mum and always supporting dad. You're the best love ya!

Pete! When are you getting your Green card dude? It's a weird feeling being on my last week. I'll be honest it doesn't feel at all like it is. I feel like it's just the end of another transfer. How's Courtney? How's being married? Am I an uncle yet? If so please name him Michael. after me. But honestly being on the mission is the best thing I've ever done. I'm so glad I chose to do it. Anyways. Love you. Keep being the big man and going to Boston. Love ya! 

Charly. I heard you're going to grad. If you ask me it's a waste of time and overrated.... so don't go. Love you!

Jake! You're a punk. How's your lady friend doing? Also do you meet any lady's at the dance? And it's the Guert's last week? Where are they going? Good job in the choir thing. Did you do a solo?
Love you Dude. See you!

Kenna! you gotta let me know how the dance goes! You should probably get an outfit. Just saying. I'll be talking to the Primary kids? Haha what about? Love you Kenna!

Izaac. Dude. I hope you're doing okay! love you man! Keep being awesome!

SO! This week has been weird, hard, but awesome too. So Diego got confirmed yesterday. It was cool because he asked me to do it. That was super awesome. He came and sat next to me in sacrament and we played X's and O's. I won so that was fun. 

Also oh man. We had a multi zone this week in Moreno Valley. At the end of the multi-zone they asked all the outgoing missionaries to give their testimonies. And that was going really well until I saw one of my recent converts walk in. Gosh. I manage to keep it together though. But Brayan - the 10 year old I got to baptize a year ago - came in with his mum who just got married and is getting baptized next week. It was awesome to see him again. It was cool because when I left the first time he was really sad, so I kind of promised him I'd come back to see him before I left. But I couldn't because I never served there again... so it was awesome to see him there. He's a stud. 

We had a bomb time with the Jayat family this week as well. They invited us over for dinner this week and gave us some super fancy food. Then we had a family home evening. I taught them don't eat Pete. It was super fun. I'm so confused with that family! They're doing everything. Reading, Praying, praying as a family, going to church, doing FHE. AH. I don't know what else to do. We texted them to follow up on there praying... Juan (the Dad) told us he got an answer that the book of mormon wasn't true. It was so sad. He said he's not going to tell his family because he wants them to get there own answers... but he feels it's not true (we think he's been looking at anti). But I'm so confused because that day he texted us was Sunday and he still came to church with his whole family. They paid tithing again. And in Priesthood we were talking about the Book of Mormon and how we need to read it every day. At the end he put up his hand and said basically "for those who can't read or who don't have time or are too lazy to read, the church has an application where you can listen to the scriptures. I listed to it all the time and have advanced a lot in the Book of Mormon".... I'm so confused. They went to a members house for FHE yesterday. There might be another thing too... there was an anti mormon guy in church a couple weeks ago who is a member but kind of apostate and was saying some apostate things about the BOM. So that might be some influence. Anyways. I love that family to death. We are just praying for a miracle. I really hope they get baptized! They are so elect. Also they got to mutual wednesdays and haven't missed a Sunday since they started coming which was super difficult because they had to change their work schedule and stop going to their other church. So yeah. We're confused. 

Anyways. We picked up a lot of new investigators last week as well and put them on date. Unfortunately things happened and they didn't come to church. But we're excited to work with them this week. Things are going good in the area. I have a rocking companion to keep things up here which is great. 

Anyways. It's been awesome to have some awesome experiences. One of my recent converts called me this week to let me know that she will be going to the temple soon. I'm so happy. I know this church is true. I know it. I know Jesus Christ lives and I love being apart of His gospel. It's blessed me so much. It's been the best experience ever.

Love you all and will see you soon! 

Elder Blomfield 

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