Tuesday, 2 June 2015

4 MAY 2015

Hey family. This week was so awesome. I hope you guys had an awesome week. It sounds like it.

Hey So I'll probably be skyping around 5 or 5:30 this time which I think is like 6 or 6:30 where you're at. Hopefully that's an okay time, if not I'll just skype Peter. Hahaha. 

Hey Dad! I totally get you! Sometimes in the mission conferences we get, people just love to hear themselves yap. It's super interesting to watch them though haha. So with the helping hands stuff we basically cleaned up an old park. Which involved destroying buildings. It was fun. I heard the flames got whipped. Many people like to rub it in down here hahaha. But yeah I don't really hear anything of what's going on. That's good to know. We're pretty disconnected here. I hope everything's okay, but it's super interesting to see how close we are to the end. I really think it's coming soon. Anyways. I'm sorry you got cheated from your weekend. At least HP went well! Love ya dad!

Mum! Don't rub it in about the journal! Ahhh. I've tried, but there's so much to do that I really struggle to get around to it. That sounds like everyone had a good weekend though. Everyone is getting married. It's so weird. All my mission friends went home and got engaged. Like what. Haha it's pretty weird. And thank you for sending the package. That means a lot haha. But yeah I have heard those speakers before. They're really great, especially for youth. I love those kind of talks haha. And all the plans you made sound great. Hopefully Pete can come! I did hear from Ethan! He told me he probably can't sign up because it's too far away from his job. He got a job on the other side of campus and doesn't have a car. But ni modo! I can't room with random people too! That's fine with me. Love you mum, thanks for all you do!

Charly! I didn't hear from you. Jerk! Nahh I'm kidding. Hey! how was youth conference? How's your boy Reed? Also you never told me what happened with Mitchell. Poor guy. Ojala que te hayas portado bien. Anyways. I love you! Hope all is well and do well in school. Love you. Also how's seminary? I hope you're doing okay. Keep up your daily scripture study. It's the most important thing you can do. Love you!
Jake! Hey dude. Stop counting!! Punk. That's tight you had a good time at the youth conference! Meet any cute girls? Anyways. You can definitely keep weeks like that going. You just have to put effort into keeping that Spirit with you. It's the best feeling ever. Thanks Jakey. Love you man! How's school/seminary/sports doing? How are the missionaries? You can still go out with them by the way, like if you went with Dad or you got dropped off at a lesson... Anyways. Love you man! Keep being awesome!

Kenna. Thanks for writing to you. I too will try to write you every week! How much hair did you cut off? Are you bald? Yes. I do remember Saturplay. That was so much fun! Is school almost out for you? What's your favourite part of school? and yeah, I have a few friends that are sad. I will definitely come back to visit one day. Maybe we could do a road trip and you can come with me! Hahah. Love you Kenna!

Izaac! Dude. I hope you had fun at Saturplay. Kenna said it was a blast. How are you doing dude? Are you still chubby? Hope you're doing great. Love you dude. Thanks for being my brother!! Can't wait to talk to you on skype!
So this week was great. So today was kind of lame. That was really the only lame part. We were playing basketball for P-day activity. And I landed wrong, and heard and felt this crunch in my ankle as I folded. So my ankle is sprained again. Hahaha same ankle as last time, I think it was just weak. Oh well. I guess God is telling me to take it easy. That was the only lame part! So that's really good.

We are still working with the Jayat family. Which is awesome. They are so elect. Juan (the dad) calls ahead to time to tell Lorena (the mum) to clean up for the muchachos so we can be in a clean house. Also it was funny. They went to Stake Conference and loved it. My mission President talked about Alma 32 which was the chapter we assigned them. After church we were working in there apartment complex and saw them outside. They we're getting on us. They though we set it up because they read the same chapter. It was hilarious. They're progressing really well. Just pray for them. Our goal is to baptize them May 31st. That would be so cool. I love that family a lot. 

We also picked up this new girl named Victoria who lives in our apartment complex. Elder Wilkes found her while we were on splits, and she was crying because her car was broken down. The hermano went out the next day and towed her car back for free (he's a tower). She was super happy. Anyways. We started teaching her and she came to church. She's 18 and only speaks spanish from El Salvador. She's only been here for a little bit and is super lost. At church everyone came up and introduced themselves and gave her hugs and what not. It was pretty cool. She really liked it.

Also Diego looks good for this month. We went over and had a heart to heart while Diego wasn't there.... we got her to sign the baptismal white. And everything looks good and ready to go. Just pray that no more problems come up! 

I've had a lot of cool little experiences this week that just remind me God is looking out for me. It's super awesome and I love it. I love being a missionary. It's the best thing I've ever done. I know this church is true. We were invited to a stake conference leadership session. It was so spiritual. Granted, all they talked about was marriage, but it was really awesome!
Also this week I had some funny experiences. One was that we saw these two guys in a super ghetto street fight. We ran up to go break it up pretty much. And one guy got in his car and drove off and the other was all drugged out and bleeding and what not. He was being held back by his brother and started yelling at us, asking us who we were and telling us to leave (while cussing up a storm) then he looked super confused. Looked at us and told us he loved Jesus in a very calm voice and that he loved us, and then proceeded to cuss us out. (and for mum, don't worry because the people that run that street have our back). So yeah. It was pretty weird. I got his blood on my face though which was gross. 

Also one of the hermanos from the ward gave me a super huge russian fur coat because I'm from Canada. And he's never going to wear it. So I have a super huge russian fur coat. Also we did service for the Navarrete's in our ward (a super cool family) and they let me use they machette to cut down a tree.

Anyways. I love this work! I know the gospel's true. I really do. And it's been the biggest blessing to me in my life. I'm so glad I have it, and that I can share it with others!

Have a great week!

Elder Blomfield

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